Mia Melano Fucks a Stranger on Blacked RAW

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by Glenn Wood

The adult entertainment industry lets us live out our greatest sex fantasies. How many times have you wanted (or tried) to seduce a stranger and have raw emotionless sex with them? If you are a hot girl, that is way too easy for you because no man would say no to you. Mia Melano is such a babe that no one in this world would skip a chance for one wild night with her. She is curvy, busty, gorgeous, and really wild in bed. So, in order to keep track of her and what she does, read our Mia Melano Pornstar FAQ!

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When someone is as hot as Mia in her red dress, it is almost impossible to keep your cool. There is nothing you can do but turn her roughly against the glass and lift up her dress to see that amazing booty she has. She is not wearing any panties so we all know why she came to this party. This lucky black dude starts slapping her big ass hard and the echo of the slaps just fills the entire room followed by Mia’s hot moans. He lifts her leg in the air and goes down to get a taste of that sweet Mia’s pussy. She is just incredibly sexy and there is nothing that can go wrong with this night. You need to be a strong man to lift a girl onto your shoulders and just eat her pussy up like a gelato. This scene will show you some amazing moves so make sure to keep them coming. It is her turn to return the favor so she puts his amazing BBC into her perfect mouth. This is just getting them ready for what is to come. She wants to go slow but he shoves his monster deep in her throat. Everyone wants to bang Mia Melano from behind because she has one of the best butts in the industry. This is exactly what the next scene shows; the two hot strangers having hardcore interracial doggy-style sex. Next, she spreads her legs for that BBC and her pussy just starts oozing with hot white juices. She loves it and they both enjoy this amazing sex together. You will see her huge ass as she sits on that cock and rides it like a wild bull. All in all, this scene will get you going out and start looking for a sex partner.


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