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New Sensations Discount

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New Sensations is one of the best exclusive porn sites around. Its database counts thousands of HD porn videos featuring some of the best looking pornstars around. In their movies, they include all pornstars from the youngest teens to the most experienced MILFs, and what they have in common is that all of them are jaw-droppingly beautiful. The niches explored by New Sensations are various so you can enjoy a big number of taboo-themed porn, squirting porn, interracial sex, group sex, and movie parodies. Some of the highest-quality porn is waiting for you on New Sensations. Watch exclusive 4K Ultra HD videos and try to stop your saliva.

With our New Sensations discount, you can get up to 67% off New Sensations premium membership and save up to $20.00. Take advantage of our New Sensations deal and subscribe for only $9.95.

New Sensations membership includes

  • 1,200+ Porn DVDs (About 120’ Long)
  • No Download Limit*
  • 7,500+ Porn Videos
  • 2,500+ Exclusive Top-Notch Models
  • Regular Weekly Updates
  • Watch Exclusive 4K Ultra HD videos
  • Surprise Live Feeds
  • 10+ Additional Websites
  • Critically Acclaimed Studio

About New Sensations Deal

Find our more what New Sensations discount has to offer and learn more about the videos, pornstars, and features that are included in this New Sensations deal!

What is included in this New Sensations discount?

Reviewing the best high-quality porn sites out there is a blast, and looking at this one you will enjoy New Sensations a lot. It may even become one of your favorite porn networks. The site offers a wide variety of some of the best porn DVDs and exclusive pictures featuring the top pornstars in the porn business. There is a ton of super hot lesbian scenes and straight sex porn films inside the site.

This is an incredibly well-known porn website and has been around for over 15 years the collection that they have has grown incredibly fast. They continue to get bigger and bigger with new updates that are coming out with the latest and greatest pornstars on the planet. Featuring over 6,500 exclusive porn movies, as well as almost 1,500 full-length porn DVDs, there is a huge variety of porn here. Whether you are into straight sex, interracial sex, top gangbang porn movies, taboo porn role-play, cream pie porn films, fisting porn scenes, or any other genre, you can find it here.

There are over 20 websites that are included in the New Sensations network, including Parody Pass, The Tabu Tales, and Jizz Bomb. New Sensations is an award-winning porn company as well. They have won awards for many scenes and DVDs.

Also fantastic is the quality of the movies on the network. New Sensations has tons of high-quality full HD content, and also have a great selection of 4K movies, including all of the newer films. The network updates multiple times a week, so there is always new stuff to enjoy. As an added bonus, the website is easy to navigate, and there are some great search and sorting options to help you find what you are looking for. Members can also rate videos, favorite porn movies, check out the model index, and leave comments on their favorite porn clips.


As a porn website that has been around for many years, some of the movies on this site are not filmed in HD, but instead, they are in SD format. SD format was the highest quality available at the time, so while this is a downside, it is a minor one. There are tons of HD porn scenes to watch.

Also, while the majority of the scenes on the site have a photo shoot included as well, the older scenes sometimes feature vid caps instead.

The Bottom Line About This New Sensations Deal

With such a vast collection of high-quality HD porn films and updates that come each week, New Sensations is rightfully known as one of the top porn sites in the world. This is a collection that keeps growing and getting better. New Sensations is a highly recommended porn website, with a wide variety that will entertain even the pickiest porn connoisseurs.

Read our full New Sensations review and learn more about New Sensations pros and cons, membership options, content quality, pornstar selection and mobile experience.

Membership Area

New Sensations FAQ

Do you have questions about New Sensations discount? Read or FAQ below or contact us if you have any additional questions.

How do I pay for New Sensations?

New Sensations is a premium porn site that allows payments to be made with any major credit card that you have. If you are purchasing this deal from the USA or anywhere in the world, the options are the same. 

This payment doesn’t support PayPal or cryptocurrencies but you can trade gift cards if you have any. When you issue the payment, you will get a confirmation email telling you that you have become a member of the New Sensations network. All of your information is safe and protected by the privacy policy.

Is New Sensations a lifetime discount?

A lifetime discount is the special kind of discount that rebills at the given price every month or year until you decide to cancel the membership. This means that there is no need for you to renew your subscription every time because it will automatically be rebilled. If you see a blue badge on the deal itself, it means that it is a lifetime discount.

We have two price points for New Sensations discount. The first one is $5.00 a month and the second one is $9.95 a month. The monthly subscription rebills at a higher price than the discounted one so it means that the monthly deals are not lifetime. However, if you become a yearly member of New Sensations for $60.00 a year, you get rebilled at the discounted rate. This means that the yearly deal is a lifetime discount.

What kind of porn can I watch on this deal?

New Sensations is a premium porn site that offers exclusive porn movies. This means that the videos on this site cannot be watched anywhere else in this top quality. This site offers a plethora of porn genres featuring the hottest porn stars from teens to MILFs. The videos that they have come mostly in 4K Ultra HD quality which is a standard in the porn industry. 

Next to the 15 subsites that are included in this network, you will enjoy a huge variety of porn scenes and porn genres. The content is exclusive, 4K, and it updates regularly. If you like what you see, check out the top 5 porn sites that are similar to New Sensations. Also, read our New Sensations review for all the information about this deal.

Is New Sensations deal the top Mega Network porn site?

The porn race is a strong one and the porn sites that are included in it are very powerful and big. Being put with the biggest names of the industry is a privilege and it demands respect. New Sensations is not the best Mega Network on the market, but it bodes well. 

On our list of the best mega network porn sites, New Sensations takes a high 9th place. The content and the quality of the movies on this network have placed them on this privileged list. In front of this deal, there are only the undisputed titans of the adult industry. With its 15 subsites, New Sensations is a deal that is definitely worth your attention.

Are downloads included in this deal?

When you become a member of this network, you immediately get access to its database and unlimited streaming option. Also, the content from New Sensations and its subsites is available for download. You can stream and download movies from this website as much as you like. Because these videos are mostly in 4K quality, some of them can be over 3GB heavy, so prepare a huge hard disc for these videos.


Is there a yearly New Sensations discount?

New Sensations offers monthly and yearly access to its members. If you want to become a yearly member of this network, you can do it from $5.00 a month and save up to an amazing 84% of your money. If you become a yearly member, you get access to all of its subsites and you can stream and download videos from this site. Yearly membership is always our recommendation because you save the biggest amount of your money that way.

Can I buy the New Sensations trial?

This network of sites offers trial access to all of its new members. The New Sensations trial comes from $4.95 and it is 3 days long. During this time, you will have limited access to this site and all of its subsites. 

This means that you are going to be able to watch as many movies as you like but no downloads will be available to you. If you want to learn more, read our blog, and find out if the New Sensations trial is worth your money and time.

How many sites are included in this network?

A porn site classifies as a network when it has subsites included in its deal. New Sensations is a mega network deal which means that it has a big number of subsites that make the database of porn a lot bigger and richer. This network includes 15 exclusive subsites

When you become a member, you get unlimited access to these sites. The sites offer thousands of movies from many various genres and all of them update on a regular basis. That is why New Sensations has found its place among the best mega networks in the porn world.

Are videos on this network in 4K quality?

New Sensations is one of the premium porn sites that have the biggest amount of 4K movies. They started implementing the Ultra HD movies a long time ago and right now you can access 400+ 4K videos. The older videos on this site are in Full HD 1080p quality which is also acceptable, but the library of 4K is undisputed on this site.

Can I watch New Sensations on my mobile device?

The New Sensations network has excellent mobile optimization and you can use it on any mobile device you have. The navigation is slick and smooth and you will not miss out on any of the content or its quality if you decide to access it via mobile devices. You can watch the content of this deal from any phone, tablet, iPad, or set-top box that is capable of streaming or downloading media.

How do I cancel my membership on New Sensations?

You can cancel your membership on this subsite anytime you want and stop being a member of this site. You cancel the membership by visiting the support page of New Sensations and following the simple steps that will require you to enter your email address. 

That is why it is paramount that you remember your sign-up information. When you cancel your subscription, the automatic billing system will stop taking the money from your account.

Is New Sensations better than the Nubiles-Porn network?

When speaking about the mega network sites, it is a hard choice to say which ones are better and which are not. New Sensations network is by far the most similar to the Nubiles-Porn network and that is why they hold adjoining places on our top list of the best mega network sites. Comparing these two sites is pleasure and hardship at the same time because both of them are excellent at what they do. 

They are both mega networks which means that they offer a fair amount of subsites. Nubiles-Porn has a slight upper hand because it offers more subsites (15+) than New Sensations. When it comes to the quality of the movies, New Sensations holds a better place because the majority of their movies are in 4K quality. However, taking both of these deals is our recommendation because it is a decision that you will never regret.

New Sensations Comments

Read what people think about New Sensations site and our discounted offer.

Posted by Mercury


Thank you for this glorious discount! I can't get enough of New Sensations ever since I got it!

Posted by Micheal


I swear, this site posts a new video every couple of days and they are all smashing! It is amazing!

Posted by Rastaty


Is that Megan Rain licking those balls? She is my #1 girl! I love her porn and that is why I will get this discount right now!

Posted by Umbrio


Um, it isn't $5.00?! This is preposterous! It's the first time this year! Still, it's a banging good site!

Posted by hose


I just have to say that I can't remember the last time this site wasn't $5.00! It is easily the most constant discount you have and the site is unreal! Nice job!

Posted by Insertion


Every day on New Sensations my love for porn grows! This site has some amazing solutions and the movies are really top-notch! Thank you for introducing me to this site because it has become one of my all-time favorites!

Posted by RadBrit


OMG, I just came to say that the porn on this one is absolute FIREEEEE!!!!!!

Posted by Abraham


The best discount on this website, hats down!

Posted by Porter


Honestly, I can't remember the last time the price for this site wasn't $5.00. It is by far the best and the most consistent discount you have ever had!

Posted by Ulix


Apart from some deals that you can get here for free, New Sensations has the best discount! It is forever as low as possible and I love the content so much!

Posted by Ostin


Only $5.00 for this site is something that rivals craziness! It is soo good!

Posted by Assmore


Wow, the way that girl is licking those balls you can see that she is really addicted to porn! There is nothing worse than sex addicts! They will break your cocks in half! Don't ask me how I know...

Posted by Traesto


Man...two girls on my dick?! Will I ever live to experience that?! :')

Posted by Rocket


Lovely girls who know how to get naughty! That is a sensational combination! ????

Posted by Flux


I don't think these girls love anything more than dick! You can see it on their faces!

Posted by Ginnort


You guys always have the best offer for this site! I swear, every time that I see, it is $5.00! Awesome!

Posted by Klinton


I feel like the full-length DVDs on New Sensations are really underrated and that has to change! This site is top 3, for sure!

Posted by Vin @ Jizz Bomb


The way these guys jizz all over the girls is so hypnotizing! Too bad my wife doesn't let me do it!

Posted by Smart @ Tabu Tales


I am very interested in what this site has to offer! The fact that they wrote Tabu instead of Taboo is quite interesting!

Posted by Orsay


That babe Maddy May has some hot scenes on this site! We should take a closer look at her!

Posted by Shanon


That new scene with Lana Rhoades and James Deen is fire! She is the hottest babe right now and he is as ruthless as ever! A perfect combination!

Posted by Rickey


There are many premium 4K videos on New Sensations and that is why I am still a member of this site! It has some of the best porn videos I have ever seen!

Posted by Dreifus @ Fresh Outta High School


This subsite has the best schoolgirls and young pussies! This is why New Sensations is so amazing! TAKE MY MONEY!

Posted by Martin


Come on, show me some videos from New Sensations! I am on the verge to buy it but I just need that one small decisive push over the edge!

Posted by Leicester


Everyone was talking about this site as one of the best so I had to try it out.... Everyone was right! New Sensations is definitely in my top 3 premium porn sites!

Posted by Hitler


Awesome deal! I love it! I took it!

Posted by Torry


This site has something that others do not - it has a SOUL! It is not just always mindless fucking! I get some sublime feeling from it and that is why it is my favorite!

Posted by Morraiah


When it comes to the relation between the price and the quality of porn, New Sensations is a fantastic discount! I didn't think twice when I got it and I didn't regret my decision!

Posted by jason


Saw it! Got it! Loved it! Keep up with these discounts! They are awesome! You got my support!

Posted by ognjen


Wow, this is a really cheap deal for a fantastic site! Had my doubts in the beginning, not gonna lie! But it works perfectly!

Posted by Rosko


I just came to say that this discount works perfectly if you are doubting it! Thank you, Porndeals! You are doing a great job!

Posted by fluffybear


This site has it all, even lesbian porn! I love it and I love the deal!

Posted by virtus00


So many positive comments about this site! I will try it out!

Posted by observer


I can say that the porn on this site is just sensational! It is one of the best deals on the site.

Posted by obermanty


I find this deal SENSATIONAL! I can really save my money with your discounts and I only found out about this site last month!

Posted by knightU7


They really like this site on twitter! I bet it is a great site! My friend told me about these discounts so I decided to give it a shot!

Posted by zelda


Man, can I really get this for $5.00, does this shit work? If it does, that's the best deal ever!

Posted by preacher


I love the full DVDs on this site they are simply amazing. New Sensations is a great deal and I got it for this year's Labor Day sale. You guys are great at saving the money!

Posted by william


The girls on this site are sizzling hot, it is unreal! Thanks for this deal. I took a trial first and then a yearly deal! The. Best. Deal. Ever.

Posted by dayn


Wow, these girls can really mess with your mind! They are hot as hell! Thanks for the deal!

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It is safe to say that this is a sensational site and an even better deal!

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Sensational site and sensational deal!

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Watching porn for 10 years now, I have to say this is one of the best deals here. Well done! Excellent quality!

Posted by anaadizozivl


this discount site is awesome! thank you Porndeals for all the deals, you saved me a lot of money :D

Posted by Gomac


The best site ever, I recently switched over from Reality Kings and I must say it was a good choice! Especially with this $5 deal, so cheap!

Posted by Rob


Was about time you added this deal, it's an amazing site!

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