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Digital Playground is the best porn site that specializes in DVDs with amazing quality porn. On this site, you can find anything your heart desires from sensual teen sex and sexual parodies to hardcore group sex rampage. Most of their movies are in 4K Ultra HD and they feature storylines, plot twists, epiphany, and, of course, amazing sex scenes. They have some of the most popular porn parodies on the net. The content on Digital Playground is one of the most exclusive in the industry and they are bound to show you some of the hottest porn scenes ever. If you want to enjoy full-length porn movies in all of their glory, Digital Playground is where you want to be.

With our Digital Playground discount, you can get up to 67% off Digital Playground premium membership and save up to $20.00. Take advantage of our Digital Playground deal and subscribe for only $9.99.

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About Digital Playground Deal

Find our more what Digital Playground discount has to offer and learn more about the videos, pornstars, and features that are included in this Digital Playground deal!

What is included in this Digital Playground discount?

So what’s the deal with Digital Playground? Well, it was launched quite a number of years ago by a production company that produces adult DVDs. They soon realized that while selling this stuff in physical format was a good idea, giving people access to the material online was also a cracking way at utilizing their collection. What came to be was Digital Playground – now, let’s head on in and check out if this place is worth joining.

The interface is a little dated and I think that some elements should be moved around and refined, but I wouldn’t say that it makes the viewing experience any more problematic so it’s not really worth worrying about. On the homepage, you’ve got the standard method of the most recent material being displayed before the user at work. Every week, you’ll find 4 new video updates alongside the same number of photo sets – it’s not the best schedule, but sure beats a lot of other smut hubs.

On to the most important topic of all: the porn! You’ve got a huge collection here with some 2,500 scenes available for you to sink your teeth into. The content also goes way back to 2000, so if you want to know what porn was like over a dozen years ago, this is your time. In terms of quality, the most recent stuff is available in 1080p HD formats but the catch is that it has to be viewed online – no local storage is made available to the user.

Subjectively, I think that Digital Playground knows how to record good pornography. The actresses get down and dirty like you’d expect them to and really know what it takes to please a man. The most common type of action is one-on-one hardcore between a man and a woman, but after digging around I found lesbian scenes, group sex and solo scenes as well. All in all, a great mix of material that will be sure to put a smile on your face.


Not having the option to download is pretty lame, to be honest. I’d expect a site with this much content to allow local storage. I mean, it’s not like it’s impossible to rip these videos using various plugins anyway, so why make it problematic for people that are actually going to play fair with the download button?

The Bottom Line About This Digital Playground Deal

With very few setbacks and a whole heap of porn for you to digest, the only suggestion I have is to accept the stellar 66% discount we have and land yourself a deal by signing up. A few seconds on the tour will show you that this material is great plus, with our confirmation that the interior is legit, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Read our full Digital Playground review and learn more about Digital Playground pros and cons, membership options, content quality, pornstar selection and mobile experience.

Membership Area

Digital Playground FAQ

Do you have questions about Digital Playground discount? Read or FAQ below or contact us if you have any additional questions.

How can I pay for Digital Playground membership?

Paying for Digital Playground can be done in a couple of ways. The most common option that the largest number of people use is the credit card payment. Digital Playground supports all the major credit cards. 

If you are purchasing this deal from the United States or are using the VPN, you can choose the check option. However, you can also choose PayPal as a popular option for the payment. As you can see, Digital Playground accepts many different payment methods.

Is Digital Playground discount lifetime?

A lifetime discount is the special kind of discount that rebills at the given price every month or year until you decide to cancel the membership. This means that there is no need for you to renew your subscription every time because it will automatically be rebilled. If there is a blue badge that says “lifetime discount” that is a good sign and you should take it right away.

We have double price points for this porn site. The Digital Playground deal from $14.99 a month offers a lifetime discount. This means that the discount rebills at the same price until the end of the subscription. It is our recommendation that you use this discount and save up to 67% of your money. But the $9.99 access is not a lifetime discount because it rebills at a higher price than you initially pay.

What kind of porn is included in this membership?

Digital Playground is a premium porn site which means that the content on this site is exclusive. It cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. This top pay site specializes in the full-length storyline porn that is unique in the adult industry. Digital Playground offers 4,000+ porn videos and the content of this site updates regularly.

The videos showcase different porn niches and the newest ones are in 4K Ultra HD quality. You can also enjoy the HD picture galleries that show you the best scenes from the many movies of Digital Playground. To learn what benefits this site offers, read our Digital Playground review.

Is Digital Playground the best storyline porn site?

Digital Playground excels in making the best full-length storyline porn movies. All of the movies on this site are at least 45 minutes long. They contain a story, plot, characters, revelation, and epiphany at the end. Also, this site has great porn parodies in its database that you can enjoy when you become its member. 

On our list of the best storyline porn sites, Digital Playground takes a sovereign first place. It is followed by, but the first place is firmly taken by Digital Playground.

Are downloads included in the Digital Playground deal?

When you become a member of the Digital Playground, you automatically get the unlimited streaming option. This means that you can watch its full-length videos as much as you like. On the other hand, downloads are not included in our offer. 

If you want to download the movies from Digital Playground, you will need to be a premium member. Also, you need to pay additional fees every month to be able to download its content.


Is there a yearly discount for Digital Playground?

Our Digital Playground discount offers membership options as many other premium porn sites do. You can choose monthly access and yearly access as well. If you wish to become a yearly member of this top pay site, you can do that by paying from $9.99 a month and saving up to 67% of your money. Remember this is a lifetime discount so it will rebill at the same price until you decide to cancel your subscription.

Can I get the Digital Playground trial?

Digital Playground offers trial access for 2 days and the price of $1.00. If you decide to buy the Digital Playground trial, it will take no more than 5 minutes of your time. The steps that you need to take are similar to taking the monthly or yearly membership. 

During the trial period, you will have unlimited streaming but no download options. If you want to learn more about this offer, make sure to read how to get the Digital Playground trial.

Is Digital Playground a network of sites?

Digital Playground doesn’t offer any additional subsites. This means that the content you will find on this adult porn site is the only content you will be able to access. However, this is not necessarily bad news. This deal offers 3,500+ full-length movies done in a cinematic way which will guarantee long term fun on Digital Playground.

Do the videos come in 4K Ultra HD?

Digital Playground is a premium porn site which means that its content is exclusive. It is one of the best 4K Ultra HD porn sites because a large majority of its content is in the 4K quality. The movies on this site are done in a cinematic way and they make excellent use of Ultra HD technology. Every new video that gets uploaded is in this high quality so you are guaranteed to have a splendid 4K experience on Digital Playground.

Can Digital Playground be watched on my mobile device?

This deal is optimized for any mobile device in a perfect way. This means that you will be able to enjoy a great mobile version of this top paid site. The design and interface are smooth and user-friendly which guarantees a great experience on any mobile device you have. You can enjoy Digital Playground on your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or any set-top box that allows you to stream movies.

Can I buy this deal with PayPal?

Digital Playground supports PayPal as its payment method. You can pay with PayPal everywhere in the world even if you are using the VPN. The choice for the PayPal service is found on the payment page. On that page, you need to choose between a credit card or PayPal. This is very convenient for anyone with an active PayPal account because it makes matters much easier.

How do I cancel my Digital Playground membership?

When you decide that you don’t want to be a member of Digital Playground anymore, you can do that in a simple way. All you need to do is to visit the support page of the website, click on the “Billing Questions”. There, find the card that says “How do I cancel my membership?”. 

After following the simple steps, you will cease to be a member of this site and its membership will stop rebilling every time. To learn more about this process, read more about how to cancel Digital Playground membership.

Is Digital Playground better than

Digital Playground and are two very similar porn sites. They both specialize in full-length storyline powered porn movies. The content on both sites comes in Ultra HD 4K quality and the movies just keep getting better and better. When it comes to the number of movies, is slightly ahead of its competitor. 

Both sites do not include any additional sites in their offer and they both demand extra payments for the downloads. However, the quality of the movies is better on Digital Playground. They pay attention to every detail. Even though has some amazing porn parodies, the #1 place goes to Digital Playground.

Do I need a Digital Playground coupon code to get this deal?

You don't need Digital Playground  coupon code to get this discount. All You need to do is simply click on the green "BUY NOW" button at the top of the page and you will be redirected to the official Digital Playground website with the discount already applied.

Digital Playground Comments

Read what people think about Digital Playground site and our discounted offer.

Posted by Jesse


It's such a good website I'm cooking with it

Posted by Fair Maiden


Girlies this one is it, period.

Posted by peacock


Their newest scenes are so wild! It feels like watching a brand new Star Wars movie mixed with Far Cry and Tron! Amazing!

Posted by Horatio


A great price for your 10th anniversary sale! I am getting this site and a couple of others for sure! I love the storytelling on DP!

Posted by Torrento


$9.99 for this amazing site is the best deal! I love when you have special sales like this one for St. Patrick's Day! They always result in amazing discounts!

Posted by Jelly


I am here for the fun and this site delivers every day! I assume the Valentine's Day sale is going to go booming very soon!

Posted by Dooplex


I am expecting to see the best Christmas special for Digital Playground this year! Please, don't disappoint me!

Posted by Deacon


I am always excited about every new movie on this site! It is always a great experience, just like being in a cinema!

Posted by Divax


I didn't know about DP until I saw it here on Porndeals. It is definitely a top 3 site to have! ?

Posted by Edelin


I just cannot get enough of these movies! They are so fricking good!

Posted by 20Ulix90


Honestly, some of these movies are better than some Hollywood production ones! They are just too good!

Posted by Qpbu89


The new scene with Rae Lil Black and Danny D is worth every penny! Hell, I would even pay the full price for this site had it not been for this awesome discount!

Posted by Aspiro


I just purchased this deal and saved $20.00! It is great! Thank you, Porndeals!

Posted by Mitchson


I am very excited to see what this site has for its fans next! Its movies are incredible! Great 4K quality!

Posted by JamesJunior


Mia Malkova is overrated! I mean, she is hot and all, but I saw this one scene with her on DP and her acting is just...appalling!

Posted by Boogey


Sometimes the acting can be really bad and forced. However, the sex scenes never disappoint!

Posted by Coort


While other people watch movies on Netflix, I watch them on Digital Playground! It is far better!

Posted by Harpert


The European movies on this porn site are really underrated! I think they are even better than the ones with American pornstars!

Posted by Jobster


These movies are incredible! I hope they have some holiday-themed full-length movies because that would be so awesome!

Posted by Dofer


I feel like they are beginning to lose the touch with these movies! Still, the content on Digital Playground is way better than any other storyline porn site!

Posted by Laratt


It's amazing to see how much this site has improved! When I see the movies from last decade, the ones I watch today are much better! They are a bit predictable, but all the movies are! All in all, this is such a great porn site and its movies are awesome!

Posted by Winfry


I can't wait to see the direction that the movies will take on Digital Playground! They have explored so many possibilities so they are bound to come up with some exciting new things!

Posted by Heckles


Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. would say: "Can this site BE any better?!" and everyone would say no! DP has reached some new heights!

Posted by Harry991


I am just stuck on watching movies on this site! I don't remember when I watched a real movie before! I spend all of my free time on Digital Playground.

Posted by Nikifor


Just when I thought that premium porn couldn't be better, I found Digital Playground! This site takes A+ porn to a different level!

Posted by Jonhas


This site is just marvelous! Some A+ movies in Hollywood don't look like this! This is cinematic porn at its best! I am still in awe...

Posted by Jugger


The porn parodies on this site are fantastic! Really, some movie studios should congratulate Digital Playground on their efforts and the final product!

Posted by Bord99


This is some next-level shit! I love it!

Posted by Francis


I only wish they had updates more often. This way, you get a new video every week and that is it! But, the quality of the movies is just incredible! I love it!

Posted by Robloxis


These movies can easily win an Oscar only for their amazing sex scenes! I enjoy every single one that I watch!

Posted by afrojackwho?


This discount worked for me! Thank you!

Posted by boobietrap


Every day when I come back from work, I see one movie from Digital Playground and my day gets a lot better! Huge thank you to Porndeals for this amazing discount!

Posted by Mickey


I just came to say that the discount works for all of you who are doubting. The site is simply amazing and the movies are top-notch! Thank you, Porndeals!

Posted by turboranger77


This site is crazy! I have never seen this approach to porn before! Worth every penny with this amazing discount!

Posted by protoea


Loving this site so much! The movies are spectacular and I love that they focus on everything! The plot is great and the scenes of sex are just unbelievable! My best purchase so far!

Posted by depraved


I just watched the Lucky Seven and I loved it! This site is so innovative and the movies are amazing! I love DP so much!

Posted by harry67calvin


The moves on this site are on another level. I love the fact that you can download them! Perhaps the best discount you guys have! It is awesome!

Posted by draegr


Do you think there will be some Thanksgiving flash sales? That would be awesome for sure! I love DP! It is my first discount I got on Porndeals and that was like almost a year ago! Now I have TeamSkeet and New Sensations! Gonna return here for sure!

Posted by Yonder


Still haven't found a better site. This is just sick! Excellent deal!

Posted by Henry Lark


I love scenes with Eva Lovia and this site is full of them. Thanks for saving my money every month! You guys rock!

Posted by Shawn


All I need are full-length videos on Digital Playground! This site is the best! Thanks for saving my money!

Posted by honeycomb12


These movies kick ass! Digital Playground is my new favorite porn site! Thanks for this deal! You rock!

Posted by stallion


A friend told me about this and I had to come to check it out. This is unreal. Had no idea I didn't need a lot of money for premium porn. Thank God that I found you, guys! This is awesome!

Posted by narrow


This is so much better than MetArt. The movies and girls are awesome! This deal rules!

Posted by savior


These 4K movies are a blast! Thanks for saving my money with this deal guys! You rock!

Posted by pdnen


Too bad there isnt a cinema for these movies! I would go every time! :D

Posted by Anej


The movies on Digital Playground are really good, much better compared to Wicked.

Posted by prema


really good deal, ty

Posted by Eduardo


I came across this site by accident :) thanks for the discount! Happy to use it in the future.

Posted by unknown


DP has the best models and amazing quality. The only downside is that the downloads are slow sometimes. Overall, it's a good site!

Posted by Adam


Like always... thanks Porndeals for this discount :)

Posted by J


such as great site, stunning girls and a lot of new content!

Posted by Kal


Very interesting site... never though I'd like porn parodies :D

Posted by YuVon Morgan


Awesome site, great tags.

Posted by winston


Amazing porn, I really like their porn movies. Recommended, especially at this price!

Posted by allan r feuer


good honest reviews and discounts ty

Posted by srabon


very nice & love you lot all...................

Posted by PP


Coolest movies ever! ;)

Posted by Clint


Best porn movie site ever ;)

Posted by Kt


This yearly offer is the best! After trial I bought it directly and I'm not sorry! If you like good quality movies. Thumbs up!

Posted by Hugo


Digital Playground has one of the largest collection of quality porn movies with a storyline. If you are into that stuff like me it is worth getting premium membership (discount is active, just bought one month membership for $9.95).

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