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One of the most famous porn sites that specialize in porn for women and couples is They have produced porn for more than two decades and have stayed true and faithful to their formula. Over the years, has successfully brought the best sex experience to everyone who has visited their site. They are critically acclaimed and have won AVN and XBIZ awards for their content, especially Wicked Comix and Wicked Fairy Tales. is also well-known for its successful porn parodies. Their mission is simple - to make sex appealing to women and couples, and they are very successful in their mission. Watch 4K videos of couple sex with some sprinkles of hardcore scenes that spice things up.

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About Deal

Find our more what discount has to offer and learn more about the videos, pornstars, and features that are included in this deal!

What is included in this discount?

So if you haven’t heard of Wicked Studios before then you either live under a rock or don’t follow the porn industry much. This site has been around for a very long time and has managed to really produce some of the best material out there with many famous names in the industry getting down on dirty for their productions. If you want to know more, continue reading this exclusive review on

So after signing in, you’ll be presented with the most recent material that Wicked Pictures has produced. It currently releases an entire DVD of content per week with staggered images from its recording published over the course of 7 days. If you want to get around the site, simply use the bar at the top of every page to go to the sections that are relevant to your interests. Naturally, getting to the porn is the most important thing, so let’s do exactly that.

Subjectively, I think that Wicked Pictures keeps up with the best names in the industry when it comes to producing a good scene. The most standard boy and girl one-on-one interaction is quite common, although group sex, solo shows and lesbian activities are not unheard of. What Wicked Studios really has going for it is the star-studded cast: you’ll be able to spot at least 4-5 girls you’ve seen before if you went over to the tour. The even use Lexi Belle – my favorite pornstar ever!

In terms of objective stats , the 700-odd DVDs they have in their archive can be streamed using a Flash embed at 1280 x 720 pixels or alternatively downloaded in a 1080p HD resolution clocking a 6 Mb/s dynamic bitrate. The pictures all come in 800 x 600 pixel resolutions with the most recent scenes offering a much larger 2500 x 1663 option.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the industry standard of including adverts inside paid areas is unacceptable to me. Sure, you will get discounts for other sites that you join, but Wicked Studios should put all of their partnerships on a single page so that only people interested in them will go there. Aside from that, I can only really suggest that they include a WMV download option as at present, all material is in an MP4 file format.

The Bottom Line About This Deal

I think that Wicked Pictures has a solid collection of adult entertainment that will please a lot of fans, plus our discount of 66% means that you’re getting an absolutely cracking opportunity to try this site out without having to fork out a fortune.

Do yourself a favor and check out the tour: you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer.

Read our full review and learn more about pros and cons, membership options, content quality, pornstar selection and mobile experience.

Membership Area FAQ

Do you have questions about discount? Read or FAQ below or contact us if you have any additional questions.

How can I pay for this membership? deal is a premium porn site that offers its members two different ways of paying for their memberships. The first, the main, and the most popular one is the payment with a credit card. This website supports every major credit card that you have and every piece of information that you share with this site is being protected by its security policy. 

The second, not so popular payment method is via gift cards. Not too many people have them but if you have a gift card, you can exchange it for membership on

Is deal a lifetime discount?

A lifetime discount is the special kind of discount that rebills at the given price every month or year until you decide to cancel the membership. This means that there is no need for you to renew your subscription every time because it will automatically be rebilled. Search for the blue badge on the deal that says “lifetime discount”. discount has two price points on Porndeals. The first one is $7.95 a month and the second one is $9.95 a month. Both of them are not lifetime discounts because the monthly membership rebills at a price which is bigger than the discounted one. However, if you take the yearly membership, it will rebill at the discounted price. This means that only the yearly membership on is a lifetime discount.

What kind of porn can I watch on Wicked? is one of the most popular porn sites that produced its content for women and couples. Over the decades of its activity, it has gained many nominations and awards such as AVN and XBIZ awards. This testifies to the quality and popularity of this site. specializes in the storyline porn genre and the hardcore porn experience. 

A big majority of the videos on this site come with a background story that will make you want to watch the whole movie just for the purpose of the plot. Also, Wicked is a renowned magazine that started in the previous century and you can find all of the digital editions of the magazines on the website. To learn more about this deal, check out our full review.

Is the best storyline porn site?

Storyline porn sites place their focus on the higher level of entertainment. Sites like these implement full-length cinematic movies into their database and this is as far as the porn entertainment goes. Wicked is one of the best storyline porn sites. 

On our list of the best storyline porn sites, takes a superb 2nd place, right behind Digital Playground which is the sovereign leader of this genre. Being second place on the all-time list on Porndeals is a huge thing so you are guaranteed to have amazing storyline fun with

Are downloads included in this deal?

When you become a member of the, you immediately get the unlimited streaming option which allows you to watch videos as much as you want. With this discount, you get the download option as well. 

You will be able to stream and download every 4K movie on Wicked. However, bear in mind that there is a daily download limit of 200GB. This is still a phenomenal deal because it offers downloads to its monthly and yearly members with no additional fees.


Is there a yearly discount? offers monthly and yearly memberships to its members. If you want to become a yearly member of this site, you can do that by paying from $7.45 a month and saving up to 76% of your money. Yearly membership on Wicked rebills at the discounted price every year until you decide to cancel your membership. With this deal, you have unlimited streaming and download options.

Can I get the Wicked trial? discount offers trial access to its newest members who want to taste the content of the site first. The trial comes at a price of $2.95 for the length of 3 full days. During those days, you will have limited access to the database of Wicked. 

This means that you will be able to watch the movies but not to download them. After the trial period ends, your membership at rebills at the full monthly price unless you cancel your membership. To learn more about it, see if the Wicked trial is worth your money and effort.

Is a porn network?

What makes a porn site a porn network is the certain number of subsites that are included in its membership. Usually, when you become a member of the mother site, you get access to all the subsites under its jurisdiction. is not a porn network because it doesn’t have any subsites included. 

All you get at all times is the library of 5,000+ exclusive porn movies, parodies, and episodes that come in amazing Ultra HD 4K quality. Also, you get to roam the magazine collection of for as long as you like. Even though it is not a porn network, this site still has a lot to offer to its members.

Are the videos on Wicked in 4K quality? is a porn site that specializes in making storyline porn movies. These movies have a cinematic feeling to them and more often they are a parody of some amazing movie such as Captain Marvel. 

These movies come in Ultra HD 4K quality and the number of such videos on Wicked is huge. Also, you will get to see 1080p quality of some hardcore and sensual porn as well. All of the movies on this site are available for download in the quality they come in.

Can I watch the movies on my mobile device? has excellent mobile optimization and you can use it on any mobile device you have. The navigation is slick and easy and you will not miss out on any of the content or its quality if you decide to access it via a mobile device. You can watch the content of this deal from any smartphone, TV, tablet, or any set-top box that is capable of streaming or downloading media.

How do I cancel my membership on Wicked? is a premium porn site with the experience of more than 25 years in the business. You can cancel your membership on this site whenever you deem suitable. This is done by visiting the support page of the website. Once there, you should click on the “Cancel Membership” button and follow the simple steps towards cancelling your account. Once this is done, will stop taking money from your bank account.

Is better than Digital Playground?

Storyline porn is getting more powerful and popular in the past couple of years. This perfect blend of the cinematic and porn industry leaves no one indifferent and it is a phenomenal source of entertainment. Our list of the best storyline porn sites will show you the best places where you can enjoy porn movies with amazing background stories. The leader of this list is Digital Playground and is #2, right behind it. Both of these porn sites are amazing and they offer great sources of fun.

However, there is a reason why they take different places. Digital Playground offers more than 4,000 videos in the storyline genre and all of the movies on this site come in amazing 4K quality. Its movies are about storylines and there are no other genres included, unless you watch the movies, then you can expect all kinds of genres. On the other hand, has a big number of parodies and storyline porn, but you can also find some other porn genres. Also, it has less number of 4K movies than Digital Playground. Comments

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Posted by Peter


Went all the way down here just to say how great this site is! you won't regret your decision especially with these discounts.

Posted by Keigan


Why can't I find a hot girl to be with me? Or at least suck my dick? I guess I watch too much porn!

Posted by Donald


I entered Wicked because I wanted to watch some vintage porn! I am not disappointed! The modern stuff is great but nothing speaks better about sex than those old retro movies!

Posted by Spin


My dick is too small to be in porn but I love watching these movies and imagining that I am banging those gorgeous girls!

Posted by Prince


Five freaking bucks for this entire site?! I am finding it hard to believe but I will roll with it! It has some content that I like!

Posted by Ishin


Give us some movies from Wicked to see on the deal page! I wish to take it but I don't know if it has what it takes...

Posted by Bulletproof


Honestly, you have held the same price for Wicked for a couple of months now! Every time I see it, it has been $5.00! Hats off to you, guys!

Posted by Slime


Thank you for the discount! This site is the champion of superhero porn and porn parodies!

Posted by Zoop


I come to this site just to watch the movies with Spiderman, Deadpool, and Wonder Woman! They are so amazing!

Posted by Viss


This is a perfect site to enjoy some amazing porn! I like it!

Posted by YsoSERIOUS


Honestly, getting this site for only 5 bucks is the best deal ever! Your discounts rock!

Posted by Edin


I am not satisfied! I need my day to last 30 hours if I want to watch all the porn on Wicked! :P

Posted by Peter


The movies on Wicked have that amazing filter applied to them and they look like they come fresh out of a cinema! It is a great porn site to enjoy!

Posted by Reece


This site literally has everything! Parody porn, lesbians, glamcore, hardcore, fetish, you name it! It is sooooo good!

Posted by Viktus


I came here for the superhero parodies and I was not disappointed! This site is flawless!

Posted by Steam


I love Wicked! All of its movies are awesome and I cannot say a single bad word about this site! It is mega great!

Posted by mimir


This site has so many exclusive porn stars that you cannot see on any other sites! Jessica Drake, for example! She is on fire!

Posted by Rogero


Honestly, I have seen so many gorgeous girls on Wicked that I am starting to think that this site only takes perfect androids for their movies...

Posted by fredmer


Wicked is the best deal that you have! PROVE ME WRONG!

Posted by Baster


Your price for Wicked is more than generous! Keep doing great job! <3

Posted by Obry


Wicked stopped being a couples' site a long time ago! Now it has fantastic scenes for everyone! It is simply amazing!

Posted by Yoddah


Please include some videos here from Wicked as you did with other sites! This one is a special one and the videos are incredible!

Posted by Jim34Brag


If there was an award for the most improved porn site in the last decade, Wicked should get it! It has elevated its game to a whole other level! Respect!

Posted by Moron


I came here for the 4K porn and I wasn't disappointed! Nice discount!

Posted by done


This is my favorite porn site! The newest movies on it are just incredible like The Red Room with Emily Willis! That girl is going to be a superstar!

Posted by Loner123


This is my favorite pastime activity - watching Wicked porn! It rarely gets better than this, especially with their many popular TV shows parody! Amazing!

Posted by Horrace


Best porn parodies on the internet! Love it!

Posted by Tatap


Wicked Comix and Wicked Parodies are the best features of this site! They are done so professionally and I cannot imagine my day without them!

Posted by Hornet444


I think that the DVDs are the real selling point on Wicked. There are so many of them and every one of them is amazing! Really the best site out there when it comes to porn DVDs!

Posted by Papa


This site is still my #1 site because it just offers so many different genres and movies! You can watch it every day and still get different experience each time! Just great!

Posted by Kashmir


Wow, this deal is really cheap! Thank you!

Posted by Omar


I've seen this site go up in the game and it is becoming better and better. Its history is quite amazing and it will be far in the future when I stop watching these movies. Thank you for this deal!

Posted by dante


This deal is WICKED! :D

Posted by redditer


Simply a great site but very underestimated. I love it!

Posted by openforsurprise


I love the movies on Wicked. It has amazing number of porn and a long history behind it. I would take this site before Digital Playground because it has a soul.

Posted by zola


This is what every site should aspire to be! Simple, quick, gives you all, and has amazing porn! Well done, Wicked! This is a great discount, btw!

Posted by Robert Swift


Can we just appreciate the years this site has put into it? They are now stronger than ever! This deal is fantastic, thank you porndeals!

Posted by Christy


I like to watch it with my boyfriend one in a while. If I only knew that I can get it cheaper. Thanks

Posted by Britney Spears



Posted by Moo point


Hahahaha. Some of these movies are actually okay. I would never believe there is this kind of porn. Still quite expensive, though.

Posted by Bert


This is one of the best sites ever. Thank you for this affordable yearly subscription!

Posted by Sebstian K.


Wicked fuck yeah! I have been searching for a discount for a while before I found it here on Porndeals. Just bought the yearly membership for $9.16, great price :)

Posted by Jamie Oliver


Great porn for a cheap price. Love all the stories and hot chicks!

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