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JAV HD is a Japanese porn focused adult entertainment website presenting a very unique collection of uncensored HD scenes of the hottest Asian women getting down and dirty. With access to 14 sites, mobile responsiveness and a large number of high quality scenes, anyone that is looking for the ultimate source of Asian porn will be right at home with

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Jav HD Review

Jav HD discount reviewed by Porndeals (author: Glenn Wood)


JAV HD has only been around for a few years as it launched back in March of 2012 but since then, this nifty archive of some top notch pornography has been doing the rounds as it presents a flawless approach to hot Asian action. Unlike a lot of other Japanese porn sources, the naughty bits over on are not censored. Westerners typically don’t like the legal requirement for porn in Japan to be pixelated, which is one of the reasons for why JAV HD has done so well in attracting a large audience.

The internal side of things when you do eventually join JAV HD is a pleasant experience. The site houses a huge number of videos and all of them are displayed and accessible with very little limitation. The design was easy to follow, used neutral colors that aren’t harsh on the eyes and actively make the process of getting access to the pornography as easy as possible. I was thoroughly impressed with JAV HD and their navigation – let’s just hope the porn is equally enjoyable.

To claim you’re spoiled for choice at JAV HD is a bit of an understatement. The 13 sites that come with your membership include great niches such as AV 69, Hey MILF and School Girls HD. There are currently just over 15,000 porn scenes for you to watch with each lasting around 30 minutes in length. That’s 312 days of continuous porn watching before you even started to count up the daily releases that would be added to the site in the meantime.

The most recent material can be downloaded or streamed with the higher quality option being an MP4 at 1920 x 1080 pixels and a variable bitrate averaging around 6 Mb/s. The production value of the material was high and rendering quality flawless. I was very impressed with JAV HD’s content both on a subjective and objective level. When it comes to Asian porn, these guys know what they’re doing.

Downsides doesn’t have an entirely exclusive content archive. I believe it has contracts with other Western companies that publish some of its material with a good chance that it also appears on the Internet.

Our discount for JAV HD is only 34% if you sign up for a month which is a little lower than other deals we have, although that can be countered somewhat by a yearly join which brings that down to 66%.


There are very few sites that offer uncensored Japanese pornography, so if you like to see hot Asian women getting rude and nude in glorious HD quality, I can’t think of a reason why you would go elsewhere. has a good archive of Japanese porn videos and with such a low joining fee, you really can’t go wrong.

A solid archive of uncensored HD videos that will please any fan of Japanese pornography.

Jav HD Comments

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Posted by Dom @ AV Stockings


Thank you for this deal!

Posted by m amir @ Schoolgirls HD


Very nice style and cute girls

Posted by Joseph


I agree AKI, this is the best porn eveeer! And I'm not even Japanese. I just love how loud the chicks are and how much they are prepared to do hehehe ;)

Posted by AKI


Japanese porn FTW!!!!

Posted by Jacob


I'm not into Japanese porn but some videos are great (and girls are hot hehe :). If you like this type of porn this is site for you.

Posted by JavFan


These Japanese girls are so hot, I just love how they suck cocks. Hey, thanks Porndeals for the awesome discount :)

Posted by Asia


Jav HD is the best uncensored site out there. I definitely recommend it to all Japanese porn lovers.

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