5+ Porn Sites That Accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Posted 5 years, 5 months ago by Glenn Wood

Here's the list of the most popular porn sites that decided to accept various cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, Horizen to privacy coins such as Verge or Monero.


It shouldn't be a surprise that Brazzers is on the list. They have been kicking ass in the porn world for such a long time. With a diverse selection of sites and content, Brazzers also accepts a varied amount of payments, including (in the US) TRX, XVG, and Horizen (formerly known as ZenCash). They also accept gift cards and Paypal (in the EU).


2. Reality Kings

Reality Kings is another famous site by the creators of Brazzers that also accepts cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. You can make yearly membership purchase with Verge, Tron, and Horizen.


3. Mofos

Mofos is an award-winning site that has proven itself consistently high quality and brings on the top porn actresses in the world, Mofos accepts some forms of cryptocurrency, including TRX, XVG, and Horizen, in both the US and EU.


4. Pornhub Premium

You surely know Pornhub, it's one of the biggest porn tube site on the internet. If you've been visiting it recently you know that they also have a ad-free premium version available known as PornHub Premium. The site has a similar subscription model to Netflix, it costs $9.99 per month. Besides using a regular credit card to make a purchase you can also pay with cryptocurrency, including Tron, Verge, and Horizon (both US and EU).


5. Wankz and Wankz VR

Much to everyone's pleasure, both of Wankz and Wankz VR accept Bitcoin (BTC). They also take LTC and WKC. Virtual Reality sites are a whole new world, and Wankz VR puts you right in the action with the most gorgeous bodies and sex-loving personalities around.



6. Babes

MILF's and 18+ teens that are incredibly good looking and diving into an array of stunning porn scenes are featured here at Babes. Make your payments in TRX, XVG, or Horizen if you want, they accept all three in both the US and EU.


Other sites that accept cryptocurrencies include VR Bangers (EU, US), SexLikeReal (EU, US), and Ladyboy Gold.

What Exactly is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are electronic peer-to-peer currencies that do not exist in the physical sense. There are many types that can have many different benefits, which sometimes vary depending on the specific currency. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies?

Some people believe it is simply a better monetary system that can fix a number of perceived flaws in how money is transferred. Other are more interested in it because it is electronic and can be a lot harder to trace than other forms of electronic payments.

Cryptocurrencies work around the traditional financial systems to create another option for people. They are generally decentralized, faster than traditional networks, and have additional security that other systems do not. There is also no intermediary in transactions, decreasing fees.

There are also privacy cryptocurrencies such as Monero and Verge which protects the privacy of the user (transactions and payments are not trackable) which could prove very useful for making purchases that you don't want others to know about - such as porn.