Amber Alena Goes Behind Her Husband’s Back

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by Glenn Wood

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Workout Session Went Sideways In No Time!

We all know how important it is for girls to look amazing. They go to the gym every day and they put their amazing bodies through so much effort and sweat so that they can look their best. Amber Alena is no different. Even though she looks incredible with her sexy face, blonde hair, huge butt, and absolutely ridiculous boobs, she wants to be even better. This is why she hired a professional trainer to come to her home and train with her. She is doing this without her husband knowing and he is not at home at the moment. So, this busty blonde and that one lucky physical trainer are all alone and doing exercises. This dude is only human and he cannot divert his eyes from Amber’s amazing tits as they jump around all the time. He gets distracted over and over again and there comes a moment when God tells him that he is his favorite. During one of the exercises, Amber’s tits just fell out and started flailing around!

The young trainer didn’t know what to do. He was silent and showing at her huge bust as it went out. Amber Alena is a professional and she knew how to handle this situation. She quickly swept under his shorts and saw the monster cock he was hiding. It is known that if you train hard, your cock is going to be really hard and sturdy, so she needed to test this theory. In a couple of quick steps, his cock was already in her gorgeous mouth as she went down on her knees. Now, Brazzers has a way of giving you the best things in a professional way so this blowjob scene is in the POV fashion. Amber Alena will look at you with her gorgeous eyes as she is deepthroating that huge dick of yours. At that moment, her husband returns and he breaks up the fun. Still, these two youngsters are not going to make it an issue and they start doing it behind his back. As he is sitting on his couch, they are doing it behind it. They start with a blowjob once again and Amber soon sits on this trainer’s hard monster cock. Her husband leaves the scene and this gives them the opportunity to go hardcore and for her to moan like crazy. Overall, this is the one Brazzers scene that you shouldn’t skip for the world!


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