Martina Smeraldi Has the Hottest Threesome In a Hostel

Posted 9 months, 4 weeks ago by Glenn Wood

As we have seen thousands of times, the adult industry is a stage for the most incredible scenarios and real-life situations. This industry has shown us incredible fun and it doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon. On its way, it has found and created thousands of unreal pornstars and gorgeous girls and one of them is Martina Smeraldi. This is an Italian girl of incredible beauty and her movies are enough to make you fall in love with her. In her international career, she has shot many movies for the world’s top premium porn sites. If you want to learn more about her, read our Martina Smeraldi Pornstar FAQ.

When a girl like Martina shows up, the world’s best porn sites will definitely battle for the right to shoot movies with her. She is sexy, gorgeous, and very open-minded. Although her English is not her strongest side, she has always found a way to star in incredible movies. So, one of the sites that have shot multiple scenes with Martina Smeraldi is FakeHub. The scene you are about to watch comes from the most fruitful subsite of this network called FakeHostel. The movies from this place feature the hottest girls and the most intense action. Read more about the entire network in our FakeHub review.

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Martina And Isabelle Tear The Place Apart

The best thing in porn is not when you shoot a great scene; it is when you shoot a great scene with two of the hottest girls in the industry. This is why premium porn sites are always at the top of the pyramid when it comes to streaming and downloading content. FakeHub is known for its tendency to mix the most gorgeous women together and this network has done it again. In a scene you are about to watch, Martina Smeraldi is teaming up with one of the hottest Australian pornstars of today - Isabelle Deltore. This pornstar/DJ is a real sight for sore eyes and there are no real words to describe her beauty or sex appeal. In this episode from FakeHostel, the two hot girls are trying to spend the night in a room but they get a late visit from the hostel’s manager. He is waving a small bag of marijuana in front of them and blaming them for possession. They are not having it but they don’t have a way of proving that it isn’t theirs. So, this lucky and smart man comes up with a solution. He will let them stay without any problems if they do a hot threesome with him. This seems like a fair deal and these two amazing girls agree to do it. Let the fun begin!

In an instant, this dude’s hard cock is out of his pants and he has two of the hottest girls he can imagine sucking and licking it. They start slowly but he soon bangs the back of their throats and gags them as much as he wants. It is a perfect prelude to this insanely hot threesome that happens in a hostel room. They even use sex toys to make their pussies as hot and wet as possible. First of all, he bangs Martina Smeraldi from the side and you can watch her perfect Italian butt as she is getting pounded. After that, he bangs Isabelle Deltore while switching his strokes from Martina’s mouth to Isabelle’s pussy. It is safe to say that this man is having the time of his life with these two hotties. By the end of this scene, you will witness hardcore sex, fast strokes, squirting, fingering, and an altogether incredible experience from one of the world’s best premium porn sites.


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No one has ever been able to recognize the secret recipe of success that the world’s best premium porn sites have been using over the past couple of decades. This industry has been on the top of the world’s popularity scale and it is just getting better and better. If anything can be said about this phenomenon it is that the combination of hot girls, amazing sex, and interesting background stories will never stop being wanted and popular. Well, FakeHub is doing it right and it has thousands of incredible scenarios that you can watch. So, use our FakeHub discount and become a member of this amazing network. You will never regret that decision.