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We are blessed to be living in the time of the great and gorgeous actresses. One of the leading actresses when it comes to beauty, sexiness, and allure is Scarlett Johansson. This American eye-candy is as gorgeous as she is talented. She is one of those girls that could rule the world only if she wanted to do that. Between Trump and Scarlett, everyone would vote Scarlett. She made her debut in the movie industry a long time ago with acting in hits such as Home Alone 3 when she was just a little girl. As she grew up, the directors recognized a tremendous potential of her acting and her sexy body so they decided to include her in many pictures. Coming of age, Scarlett Johansson became one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. Her luscious boobs are natural and enormous, her perfect face is sexy and with one glance she can seduce you, and her amazing butt is something that every man wants to squeeze and spank. This hourglass-shaped American has acted in many different movies such as The Nanny Diaries, Don Jon (where she is so hot it is terrifying), He’s Just Not That Into You, Ghost in the Shell. Most of all, in the last couple of years, she has perfected herself in the role of Black Widow in The Avengers and Marvel Universe.

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Over the course of the last decade, Scarlett is the kind of actress who would gladly go naked on the big screen. In many films, we enjoy seeing Scarlett Johansson naked body walking around collecting glances and opening mouths. On the other hand, Scarlett Johansson sex scenes are scarce. She is always sensual and makes love to her partners. So far, we haven’t seen a Scarlett Johansson sex scene where she gets fucked hard to make her big boobs jump around. We hope this perfect shot is coming very soon. Until then, we can enjoy Scarlett Johansson naked and sexy scenes from many movies.

Scarlett Johansson sex scenes are very sensual

As she has said in many private interviews, Scarlett is the woman of passion. She is very religious and loves to share her feelings with God and her partner. It means that in real life she is humble, devoted, and sensual. We can safely say that she has transferred this trait of her personality to the big screen because all of her sex scenes are very romantic and sensitive. She makes love to her partners in the candlelight, and in one scene she allows the man to rip her shirt in the gust of passion, but that it is. The sad truth is that you will not see a Scarlett Johansson sex scene where she gets hardcore fucked.

Sensual love-making with Scarlett Johansson in The Other Boleyn Girl

One of the rare Scarlett Johansson sex scenes takes place in the movie The Other Boleyn Girl. This is a sensual and passionate romance that takes place in the candlelight. She and her partner are in bed, followed by a soft tune in the background. They caress each other, endlessly kissing, as Scarlett is on top. She loves to take control of the situation but it never slips out of her hands. In this sensual sex scene, Scarlett Johansson pussy gets treated very tenderly.

Romantic sex with Scarlett Johansson in “The Other Boleyn Girl”

Tearing up Scarlett Johansson’s shirt in Match Point

This is the one sex scene where Scarlett’s shirt gets torn apart. She lies on the bed while her partner is eager to get her naked so that he can plunge his cock into Scarlett Johansson’s pussy. He tears her shirt, starts kissing her neck, and the screen takes us away to the epilogue when they are kissing on the bed. There is no Scarlet Johansson sex scene that is hardcore. This one gives us a small hint but that is it.

Tearing up of Scarlett’s shirt in “Match Point”

Scarlett Johansson’s boobs are to die for

Every actress needs to know her greatest assets if she wants to make it in the movie industry. Scarlett Johansson’s boobs are definitely one of her greatest and most delicious assets. She has a pair of knockers that can blow your mind and she doesn’t mind showing them on screen. Her boobs are natural, big, and gorgeous, making Scarlett one of the hottest actresses of our time. There are many movies where she lets us enjoy seeing her jugs. In some scenes, she isn’t nude, but she wears tight outfits with deep cleavage so that her boobs can nearly burst out. In other scenes, which are not so numerous, she lets us gawk at the perfection of her tits. Either way, Scarlett Johansson nude breasts are the best thing you will see today.

Scarlett Johansson boobs and nude body in Under the Skin

Under the Skin is a very perplexing movie with a lot of puzzling scenes that can trick your mind. But, we are not here to review a movie, we are here to enjoy its protagonist. Thanks to the producers of this movie, we can enjoy Scarlett Johansson nude body in all of its beauty. This gorgeous girl comes completely naked, strips another girl, and takes her clothes (unfortunately). All the time, we can enjoy her amazing ass and most of all superb Scarlett Johansson tits.

Scarlett Johansson naked in the mirror in Under the Skin

Another scene from this movie shows us hot Scarlett Johansson as she battles with her thoughts in front of a mirror. In this scene, she is butt naked. Literally, since we can see her amazing butt and her sexy big boobs in the mirror. One Scarlett Johansson in this world is perfect, but two would be even better. 

Scarlett Johansson naked in “Under the Skin”

Tight body of Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell

This is a movie that showed us what an anime version of Scarlett Johansson would look like. We can say that it is damn perfect. She wears almost nothing the entire movie, and if she has something on, it is in the color of her skin and completely tight up against her body. Great shots of Scarlett Johansson tits can be seen in this movie and here is one of the scenes.

Tight outfit of Scarlett Johansson in “Ghost in the Shell”

Scarlett Johansson luscious boobs in A Love Song for Bobby Long

The one girl you want to see naked when you open the door is Scarlett Johansson nude. In this scene, she gets surprised by opening the door after she has had a shower. She frantically covers her boobs but she covers only the nipples. The other 90% of the tit can be seen and it is fucking glorious.

Glorious titties of Scarlett Johansson naked

Scarlett Johansson tits want to burst out in The Spirit

This is one of those scenes where the clothed girl looks so hot that you want to rip her clothes off. Scarlett Johansson tits want to burst out from her tight cleavage in this scene from the movie The Spirit. It would take a serious amount of self-control not to look at them or try to touch them. She is amazing in this scene.

Hot cleavage of Scarlett Johansson in “The Spirit”

Squeezing Scarlett Johansson boobs in He’s Just Not That Into You

Imagine wanting to fuck Scarlett Johansson, leaning her over the table, kissing her, stripping her tight red dress, squeezing her luscious boobs...and then you hear your wife coming. Imagine how bummed Bradlee Cooper must have felt for not being able to finish this Scarlett Johansson sex scene. Such a shame for him, and such a shame for us. It would have been so hot. Scarlet’s titties here are a stuff of legends.

Scarlett Johansson boobs squeezed in a red bra

Crouching with Scarlett Johansson in A Good Woman

The last scene of Scarlett Johansson boobs we are about to show you is from the movie A Good Woman. It should have been called A Perfect Woman because Scarlett is so damn perfect in this movie. In this scene, she is crouching around as her busty breasts flail about. There is a slow-motion video that you will appreciate.

Secret cleavage of Scarlett Johansson crouching

Amazing ass of Scarlett Johansson in movie scenes

When it comes to women, men are divided into ass people and boobs people. But, when you look at Scarlett Johansson, you cannot decide what you love more. Her boobs are out-of-this-world, but you haven’t seen her ass. Scarlett Johansson butt is something that is maybe even more perfect than her boobs. It is firm, big, and perfect. It captures every scene we can see it in, and we can see it in a lot of scenes. Here are some of the hottest ones.

Naked ass of Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin

In this scene we recognize the problem that any man would have when fucking Scarlett Johansson; we would all cum in 10 seconds. This dude sure does that and enrages Scarlett who jumps to see what he had done. In her moment of rage, we see the full glory of her naked butt.

Hot firm butt of Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson ass in panties only in Lost in Translation

Every girl is very sexy when she gets up in the morning. Scarlett Johansson is amazing, wearing only her panties in this scene on her bare butt. When you begin a movie focusing on Scarlett Johansson ass, you know it is going to be a success.

Amazing ass of Scarlett Johansson in “Lost in Translation”

Scarlett Johansson butt in tight leather pants in The Avengers

Her role as Black Widow has gained her tremendous popularity in the last decade so much that she will get her own movie coming out in 2020. Who wouldn’t like to watch this eye candy all the time?! Check out Scarlett Johansson butt in tight leather outfit. No need for drooling, we know she is perfect.

Black Widow leather ass in “The Avengers”


Scarlett Johansson is definitely one of the hottest babes to walk the planet Earth. This American actress is a gift from God having a gorgeous face, perfect hourglass figure, amazing rack, and a wondrous ass. Her popularity in the movies has been going up and she will continue to dazzle us with her performances. We hope we will be able to see her amazing appearance in many nude and sex scenes because she is all that we need to brighten our day.

We hope you have found some of the hottest scenes with Scarlett Johansson on our page. Check out our celebrity section for other hot actresses and celebrities who love to go naked on the screen.

As a bonus, Scarlett Johansson’s most glorious edition from the movie A Good Woman.

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