Is XEmpire Trial Access Worth Your Time & Effort?

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Glenn Wood

XEmpire is one of the best networks in porn you will ever encounter. This site has received many awards and acclaims by the critics that it is ridiculous. Their production quality is top-notch, the quality of their videos is undisputed, and the feeling you get when you are watching the movies here is just of pure professionalism. These guys take care of every small detail in their books and it pays off. XEmpire is a network of just 5 subsites. But, these subsites combined together create the dream team. You will be able to watch movies from all-time favorite DarkX, HardX, AllBlackX, LesbianX, and EroticaX. No pornstar in the industry will ever say no to XEmpire, so you will watch all the best names and the hottest pornstars in their movies. Getting a pass on XEmpire gives you access to all the subsites we have just listed. This means that more than 1,200 amazing 4K porn videos are waiting for you. You can expect hardcore anal sex, interracial BBC sex, lesbian porn, glamcore storyline porn, and amazing pornstars in many enticing scenarios. Obviously, XEmpire is at the top of the porn industry and they will not step from that pedestal for a long time.

But, the catch about every premium porn site applies here - no content for freeloaders! This means that, if you don’t want to spend money on XEmpire, you will get nothing. Maybe a short preview here and then, superb pictures and thumbnails to gawk at, but that’s it! The real show and the real fun begin when you unzip your wallet and share some money with this site. The moment you do that is the moment when the doors to the best empire in porn will open for you. You can choose to open them for a month or a year, and also you can have trial access. This is our topic today. We are here to see if XEmpire trial access is worth your time. Stay tuned and let’s see it together!


How To Become An XEmpire Trial Member?

Expectations from the king of porn are always huge and the XEmpire network doesn’t disappoint. You will need less than 5 minutes of work in order to become a trial member on XEmpire. Premium porn sites are like that; they save your time and give you what you want in a minimum time span. Becoming a trial member on XEmpire is similar to any other membership option but the only difference is that you will get 2-Days access for just $1.00. During this period, you will be able to watch an unlimited amount of videos, but you won’t be able to download them. This option is reserved for premium users. If you wish to get XEmpire trial, follow these simple steps.

Step 1 - Visit The Official Site Of XEmpire Network

The first step towards any trial access is to visit the official site, this time of XEmpire. Five amazing pictures are waiting for you there. They are showing you the glorious subsites of this network in all of their glory. They can easily stray you away from your purpose and plunge you into a whirlwind of exploration on the pages of XEmpire. Our recommendation is to spend 3 seconds on this page, enough to find and click on the button “Become A Member” in the top right corner.

Step 2 - Create Account & Choose The Trial Access

The next page is where the official fun begins. You are to create your account by entering your email address and password. Make sure to write down these credentials somewhere, who knows when you will need them again, and it can be really hard to do anything if you forget about them. After the creation of the account, you can choose the 2 Day Trial option which is the first one on this page. It says “streaming only” because, in these 2 days, you can’t download any movies. This option is saved for the monthly and yearly membership which are right next to the trial one. When you have entered your information and selected the trial access, click on the “Proceed To Checkout” button which is on the trial card itself.

Step 3 - Issue The Payment

The page that ensues is another important one and the one where you will need to enter your personal information and the numbers from your credit card if that is your payment method. You will enter your full name, email address, country, zip code, and the information about your credit card. Don’t worry about your information, XEmpire has a strict policy of not sharing or using the information they get so your info is safe. This page also hides one cross-sale. It is an extra sale, and in this case, you can get 3 days’ access to another site for a small price. This is bait because this access renews at the full price after those 3 days, so make sure to uncheck any pre-checked cross-sales. Once you have entered your information and made sure that you don’t pay more than you wanted, click on the “Complete Purchase” button and the premium fun can start.

Step 4 - Enjoy 2 Full Days On XEmpire

Congratulations! The best porn empire is yours for 2 full days! Get under those sheets and watch some of the best movies in the porn industry. You get unlimited access to all 5 subsites of XEmpire but no downloads. Watch, rewatch, and memorize every second, but no downloading for later. This option is reserved for premium users. One more thing that you need to know is that this trial access comes with an automatic rebill. When the 2 days end, you will pay a full monthly price and the way to avoid this is to cancel your membership. Do this by visiting the support page and following the steps necessary to cancel your subscription.

Heavy Weighs The Crown

When it comes to the biggest empires of the porn industry, XEmpire definitely takes the cake. This award-winning website combines the best 4K Ultra HD quality porn from five different sites: DarkX, HardX, AllBlackX, EroticaX, and LesbianX. These sites have to offer some of the best Ultra HD gonzo porn experiences in the industry. The quality of their videos and of the production is unmatched and reserve the highest place for XEmpire on the porn pyramid. With their amazing sets, hottest pornstars, unbelievable production, and 4K Ultra HD movie quality, XEmpire is bound to hold you in their clasp for as long as you want. The best way to enjoy this website and all of its subsites is to take our XEmpire discount. That way, you will pay from $7.50 a month and save up to 75% of the cash. Definitely worth your time!

Is XEmpire Trial Worth Your Effort?

If you find one person who will tell you that this trial isn’t worth it, punch him in the face. This is one of the best porn sites in the world and for just a dollar you can get 2 days access to its subsites and exclusive content. Multiple awards have been given to this network and they continue to shine brightly in the porn sky. The one thing that every premium site wants is to keep you as their member. This is done by an automatic rebilling system. If you don’t want to continue your trial period, cancel your subscription, and choose a better membership option. Read more about this deal and everything it has to offer in our exclusive XEmpire review.

What Happens After Two Days Of XEmpire Trial Access?

Basically, you get sucked into a machine. Every premium porn site has this kind of system. Once the trial period is completed and you have enjoyed the 48 hours on XEmpire, you will automatically get billed at the full monthly price of $29.95 a month until you cancel. So, you need to cancel, right!? You can do that by entering the support page of XEmpire, clicking on the “Billing/Account FAQ” and choosing the option “How Do I Cancel My Membership?”. The support team is always there s you can contact them via free live chat and they will come to your aid swiftly. The best thing to do is to cancel the subscription and choose a monthly or yearly deal which will add the download option. This is the way the XEmpire is supposed to be experienced.

How To Verify If Your Cancellation Has Been Succesful?

The question of whether membership has been canceled is the one that troubles a big number of people. No one likes to get that surprising statement that you need to pay more for something that you thought was over. To cancel successfully, you should get the confirmation email from the XEmpire support team saying that your membership has been canceled. If you don’t get it, check the spam messages since it often finds its way there. If you get no email with such notice, make sure to contact the support team on XEmpire and let them know about your problem.