Virtual Reality Porn: New Dope For Porn Addicts?

Posted 7 years, 5 months ago by Glenn Wood

XXI century is here. Since almost two decades actually... Technology is advancing with every month in every aspect of our life. Some of these new inventions are promising, the others are scary, and the others – can be exciting. Let's talk about virtual reality porn today (also known as VR porn).

Believe it or not, but internet advanced so rapidly during last two decades mostly because of porn. Yeah, you heard it right ! Innovations like – that these days seem to be obvious, but 20 years ago were something new - fast broadband internet, online card payments, image and video compression – were developed mostly because of the need to watch porn in convenient way. Virtual reality is just another case that proves it.

Virtual reality was developed as a concept as early as in the 1950s, yet the first virtual reality headsets started to appear in late 90s. The project was quickly abandoned though for one main reason – the computers and processors were still too weak to properly model and shape virtual reality's graphics. Remember "TRON" movie from the 1980s ? Well, would you like to have virtual sex with such low quality pixels, like in that movie ? I highly doubt ;-) Yet, since 2015 virtual reality is a real hype again and few adult movie producers, like Kink VR, Naughty America VR, Wankz VR or Badoink VR offer porn videos dedicated to VR.

The people that tested it so far – as it is still new thing in porn – were all amazed by VR experience. Watching VR porn seemed almost that real like seeing some sexy girl that would be standing just next to you. Like all things that are pleasant, VR porn comes with one (big) danger – addiction. People that tested it so far say that the "experience" is much more intensive than with "normal" 2D porn, and - as we know how many people are addicted to normal porn these days – we can only expect how it will be when the technology will allow to FULLY enjoy it. VR porn is still in kind of beta testing – there are STILL not so many VR porn videos (it is really expensive to produce VR porn video, as it requires excellent cameras and video editing skills), the headsets are still in beta testing, but it all improves and advances with every few months.

What makes VR porn truly unique and - on the same hand – dangerous experience is the possibility to sync VR device with adult toys like vibrator and fleshlight. Imagine having amazing VR sex with some really sexy girl, you just synced your headsets with your favorite fleshlight and.... The experience is so intense that you may actually forget about real women and life for long time.

Luckily, the things are not that bad, as it all depends on our approach of course. It's hard to forget though that VR porn is really strong drug that will make your brain work the different way, the more you will use it. Some people will get addicted to it, the others will still be "hard" enough to overcome this new "drug", just like not everyone gets addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana or other drugs. Like I said – the approach is what really matters. VR porn – just like porn – can be dangerous only in some cases and only if you will allow it to eat you alive. I read about one guy that got excited because VR porn kind of "helped" him in his relationship with his GF (that's the guy's opinion at least, haha. I didn't read anything about what his girlfriend has said). Why helped ? Well, the dude was complaining about being bored with his monogamy, so he uses VR porn to "cheat" on his GF. That way, in his words – he doesn't have to cheat on her with real girls. Like I said – no idea what his gf was saying about it, but – as I know most of the women – she probably wasn't so happy...

So, as for the VR porn being damaging to men and his health – if you are lonely guy that had no girlfriend since years and suddenly you start to use VR every day – you will probably get addicted quicker than a guy that knows how to appreciate relationship with the other person and is aware of the fact that – its advantages are not based only on sex. Machines can give us lots of pleasure and fun, yet they will never replace real pleasures (unless you are not emotionally retarded of course... ;-)) of being with another person, that is warm, witty, intelligent and charming.

Guys. VR porn is a DOPE. Try it at your own risk. If you are brave enough you may check out Naughty America's VR Porn, just like VR porn at BaDoink, ClubSeventeen, Real Teens VR, Wankz VR and Kink (if you like BDSM). Even DDF Network offer videos in VR. Just don't tell me that I didn't warn you!