The craziest porn niches

Posted 7 years, 1 month ago by Glenn Wood

Porn has lots of subgenres, called niches. Like teens, blowjobs, fetish, things like that. Today we will talk about the craziest porn niches that I ever saw.

One thing that always turned me on, was a teen porn. But special kind of teen porn – teens that play with huge cocks. What is so exciting about it? Well, I'm not sure if I even have to explain that to you, but for me, putting together sexy and innocent teen girl that has to try her luck with REALLY huge cock has been always an exciting see to watch...and experience. I just love to see these cute, small and innocent teens playing with big & stiff cocks of some lucky guys... For that kind of porn, I usually visit, that's a part of Reality Kings network (we have some special discounted price for it).

Besides watching cute little teen girls playing with big dicks, I also enjoy other porn niches, just as crazy as teens & big cocks. I talk about CFNM here. CFNM – as you probably know already – stands for Clothed Female Naked Male. So if you ever – maybe in your childhood? - got caught masturbating by sexy girls or your towel slipped while some hot girls watched – this niche is definitely for you. And once again, our lovely Reality Kings enter here with their "help", offering their site. It has some hot cfnm content – and comes with discounted price.

I also have another favorite cfnm site – (that's part of PornPros network). When I saw it for the first time I actually couldn't believe what was going on Cruelty Party movies. It is basically about hot girls having wild bachelorette parties or just some sexy girls-only parties, and all fun starts when one of the girls decides to invite some male toy. Why toy? As these girls are really horny and they already drank some booze, they really crave for some male's cock – and just cock, as they don't care about the man... So if you ever dreamed about being fucked by bunch of horny and sexy girls, this site would be definitely for you.

With the another crazy porn site, we enter into the world of pain, humiliation and...bdsm. Public Disgrace is absolutely one of the craziest pornsite ever created and it presents hot girls being publicly humiliated and abused. Well, it is indeed crazy site – seeing these girls in wild bdsm activities in PUBLIC and REAL places like european streets, bars, clubs will turn you on for sure. Highly recommended! Public Disgrace, that's part of Kink Network is a little pricey, yet we have some nice discount available.

Would you consider sexy girls flashing their tits, asses and pussies in public places as a crazy porn? What if the very same girls would pee in public and real places, somewhere in wicked Europe? How would you call it?, as this is the site that I'm talking about here, brings exactly that – hot girls flashing & peeing in public places. I admit that I saw already lots of porn in my life, yet this is definitely one of the craziest public sites that I ever encountered (along with mentioned before PublicDisgrace). And we have some pretty sweet deal on it, you may get full whole year access to it for just 36 bucks. Enjoy!

Being black in USA comes with lots of disadvantages, like being selected for yet another "random" car search or being accused of crimes that you actually didn't do (nuffin!). Yet, it comes with one big advantage, and I mean really big – and that is big black cock. Having such big asset allocated somewhere in your pants makes you desired target for all those underappreciated housewives that are somehow forgotten by their busy husbands. And as these housewives and wives literally crave for huge and stiff cocks, you have a big chance to make your cock great again and fuck them. What I'm talking about here is cuckolding, and in that specific case – it is interracial cuckolding. One of the best interracial cuckold sites out there is Cuckold Sessions, that's part of Dogfart Network. And guess what? We also have some special discount for it!

There are for sure more crazy & sexy porn sites, but this article has its limits unfortunately. So come back later to our PornDeals blog, and see what we prepared for you next week... Maybe it will be a second part of "the craziest porn sites"? You never know...