Kalina Ryu Pornstar FAQ

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  • Kalina Ryu is an Asian/American MILF pornstar with mixed Korean and Welsh heritage
  • This gorgeous and experienced pornstar was born in North Carolina, United States in 1984
  • Starting her career in 2013, she has become one of the most wanted and loved Asian pornstars in the industry winning many porn award nominations
  • If you want to watch the best Kalina Ryu porn, visit Brazzers and Cherry Pimps

In the porn industry, there are two distinguished categories of Asian pornstars. The first one is the original Asians who were born, live, and fuck on the Asian continent. The second one is the Asian pornstars who are living and working in the United States. The pornstars that come in the second category are incredible and we have one question for you! Do you love Asian MILFs?!

This next one is for sure a MILF and she is hot as hell. Her name is Kalina Ryu and thank God she isn’t living in Korea. In that case, probably, we could have been served a lot of censored porn where we couldn’t see her best parts. This way, living and fucking in the USA, we get to see all parts of her body and all the crazy, hot, and amazing things that she does. If you are familiar with her work, spend some time here and learn more about Kalina Ryu in this Pornstar FAQ article.

Who Is Kalina Ryu?

Kalina Ryu, also known as Lily Ocean, is an Asian/American pornstar with Korean and Welsh origins. She was born in North Carolina, United States in the year 1984. As one of the older generation of pornstars, she has had a lot of time to perfect her skills and become irresistible, which she really is. She is the type of a pornstar who doesn’t say no to anything. This Asian MILF is a dream come true and good luck finding a hotter one! You can watch her lesbian scenes, straight movies, hardcore and fetish scenes as well. There is simply nothing that this incredible MILF will say no to. Follow her on her Instagram account because she has a lot of followers and she always promotes her work there.

This Asian/American MILF has been really loved in the industry. She began her professional career in the year 2013 when she was already 29 years old. She wanted to be an Asian MILF right away and she got it right. Her career has been a great one so far and with experience, she will only get better and better. So far, she has been graced by a couple of nominations but she is still active and we can expect new things from her. You can also follow her Twitter account and see what she looks like while focusing on her career.

Kalina Ryu Personal Info:

  • Alias: Lily Ocean
  • Country: United States of America
  • City of Birth: North Carolina
  • Year of Birth: 1984
  • Ethnicity: American with Welsh and Korean origins
  • Star Sign: Sagittarius
  • Height: 5’4’’ (1.63m)
  • Measurements: 34A - 29 - 33
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Boobs: Natural
  • Tattoos: None
  • Piercings: Navel
  • Professional Career: 2013 - still active

How Tall Is Kalina Ryu?

This incredibly hot Asian/American pornstar looks just amazing. Of course, it is hard to ascertain the height and the overall body measurements of that person. Coming with intense Asian heritage, Kalina Ryu is not too short. She is 1.63m tall and that is the perfect height for her looks. This makes the male pornstars especially happy because she is really tiny and bendy so they can do whatever they want to her. Because of her hot MILF body, Kalina is just incredible in what she does.

Are Her Boobs Natural?

When you are 1,63m tall, the decision to do some plastic surgery doesn’t come easily. If you change anything about your body, it will become clearly visible and perhaps out of proportion. Therefore, Kalina Ryu decided not to change a thing about her slim tender body. Her boobs are 34A and they look just perfect on her. If they were any bigger, her body would stop being slim because her butt would need correction as well. Kalina Ryu is just perfect as she is and that is why she is one of the hottest Asian MILFs in the industry.

Does She Have Any Tattoos or Piercings?

Since she doesn’t want to perform plastic surgeries on her body, Kalina Ryu has proven that she is not afraid to look natural. She has been a devoted performer for almost a decade and she is one of the hottest MILFs you will ever see coming with Asian descent. However, she likes to keep it natural and therefore doesn’t have any tattoos on her body. We will see if she changes anything but we can say that we are happy to see a piercing on her navel. This testifies to bits of wildness in this North Carolina cougar!

Is Kalina Ryu Retired From Porn?

Kalina Ryu started her career later than most pornstars and that has proven not to be a problem. Luckily for everyone, Kalina Ryu shows no signs of stopping what she is doing and we can still see that passion in her. We can all predict a long career for this Asian/American cougar and we are looking forward to it. She started doing this job in 2013 and she has established herself as one of the sexiest and most popular Asian pornstars out there. You can visit her ManyVids account and get to know her better with the things she loves to do.

Where Can I Watch The Best Kalina Ryu Porn?

In her so far prominent and noted career, Kalina Ryu has been working for many porn studios. Simple as that, everyone wants to have a gorgeous Asian MILF in their roster of pornstars. Therefore, she can choose what to do and with whom at any point. If you want the best videos with Kalina Ryu, go to Brazzers. This is a site that has been the leader of the porn industry since 2007 so you can already expect what kind of scenes you can watch there. Kalina Ryu loves to show her sex skills so this is the perfect way to watch her. Also, you can watch many movies with this Asian cougar on Cherry Pimps. This porn site has always been the source of amazing movies and Kalina Ryu makes them better than ever.

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