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The talk about the biggest porn companies in the world can never go without mentioning This amazing website has to offer one of the largest collections of porn out there with more than 130,000 movies. Some of these movies are non-exclusive, coming from other sites, but there are also Bang originals. With almost two decades of experience, has produced and released a baffling amount of porn featuring babes from amateur models up to the hottest pornstars of our times. The sheer number of 19,000+ models is hard to process so you should check out and enjoy HD porn at its best.

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About Deal

Find our more what discount has to offer and learn more about the videos, pornstars, and features that are included in this deal!

What is included in this discount?

BANG is one of the biggest porn sites around. They have lots of old DVD content on there but they also have tons of new content from BANG studios. There are more than 100,000 scenes overall on the site, but only a fraction of those are BANG original content. The content that is not from BANG is not exclusive, but rest assured that the BANG scenes can only be found here! There are at least 10 new videos every single day so get to the site as soon as possible so you don’t miss something!

Most of the latest videos are in full HD, but some are even available in 4K Ultra HD for those who desire the best quality possible. Don’t get intimidated by such a large collection. All you have to do is take a cursory glance at the site to realize that they have tons of different sorting features to help you get through the giant collection of smut.

What you won’t believe about this amazing site is that it offers you such a huge amount of porn at an affordable rate. This really is one of the best porn sites out there that offers a great combo of vintage titles and contemporary classics as well as brand spanking new porn sessions for your daily jerk off needs.


Ok, so we can admit that this porn site can be a little overwhelming with the sheer amount of content, but who could say that is a downside? However, for some, it might be. Plus there is so much variety that it can be hard to choose which type of porn to watch!

- Could have better model bios for those who like to know more about the sweeties.
- A large portion of the collection is standard definition, simply because it’s from older movies.

The Bottom Line About This Deal

BANG will give you a huge bang for your buck. It’s a huge porn collection that does not disappoint. Even though it’s a little overwhelming at first they definitely have the tools you need to sort through the collection and make your way through it at your own pace! Joining is like getting access to a treasure trove of all different types of porn!

Read our full review and learn more about pros and cons, membership options, content quality, pornstar selection and mobile experience.

Membership Area FAQ

Do you have questions about discount? Read or FAQ below or contact us if you have any additional questions.

How do I pay for discount?

Premium porn site has only one payment option. This is the credit card payment. This membership accepts every major credit card that you possess. No matter where you are purchasing this membership, the credit card is the only payment option. Even for the USA citizens and the users who are using VPN, there are no other payment options. Your data and sensitive information are safe with the security policy.

Is a lifetime discount?

A lifetime discount is the special kind of discount that rebills at the given price every month or year until you decide to cancel the membership. This means that there is no need for you to renew your subscription every time because it will automatically be rebilled. Look for the blue badge saying “lifetime discount” on the deal itself to know that it offers a lifetime discount. is a lifetime discount which means that the membership rebills at the discounted price until you cancel your membership. No matter if you take the monthly or yearly membership, the discounted price will be rebilled from your account every time. Our recommendation is to take the yearly membership because that way you will save most of your money.

What kind of porn can I watch on is one of the biggest porn sites for a reason. It has a long and shiny tradition behind it with close to two decades in its bag. The number of movies on this site is one of the biggest in the premium porn site base with 130,000+ porn movies. Also, these movies showcase the best pornstars ranging from amateurs and teens to experienced pornstars and MILFs.

More than 19,000 models are at your disposal which makes this deal worth taking. The genres included in this deal are various and they range from reality, MILF, anal porn, to some individual hardcore and gangbang videos. is a network of 12+ sites that explore and expand the different genres and sub-genres and make the database of this site much bigger and more diverse. Read our review to see the big picture.

Is the best reality porn network?

On our list of the top reality porn sites, the deal takes a high and respected 5th place. When you take into account what names of the porn industry have found its place on this list, the 5th place is really great. This is a network of 12+ sites that explore the reality porn genre to the smallest bits. Some of the best subsites that do that are Roadside XXX and Screw The Cops. The database of reality porn on this network is becoming richer and bigger in numbers because it updates regularly.

Are downloads included in this deal? offers unlimited streaming and download service to its members. This means that you can watch the movies from this network as much as you want and you are able to download them and use them offline. There are no additional fees included in this option so the download option becomes available right away. Prepare a big hard drive because we are talking about hundreds of thousands of porn videos.


Is there a yearly membership on deal? offers monthly and yearly access to its members and both membership plans rebill at the same price which makes this discount a lifetime membership. You can become a yearly member on by paying from $10.00 a month and saving up to 67% of your money. When you become a yearly member you will have a download option and your membership will rebill at the discounted rate until you cancel your account on Bang.

Can I get the trial access? is one of those premium porn sites that doesn’t offer trial access. Even if you choose the monthly or the yearly pricepoint on the deal itself, you won’t get a chance to get a trial period on this site. This means that you are left to choose between monthly and yearly memberships that rebill at the discounted rate until you cancel your membership.

How many sites are included in this network?

What makes a porn site a network are the subsites that are included in its access. is a porn network of 12+ sites. These subsites become available at the moment when you become a member of this site. These subsites explore the reality porn genre, MILF porn, teens, family roleplay, and many other porn niches. Some of the most famous subsites of are Bang Surprise, Bang Japan, Bang Real Teens, Pretty And Raw, or Bang Casting.

Are videos on in 4K quality?

When you are dealing with such a big network, it is an unwritten rule that they want to offer the best content to their members. This is true when it comes to 4K movies. Every subsite of is updated regularly and it means that you will always have a lot of new and fresh content. The newest movies are in 4K Ultra HD quality and the database of the 4K movies is becoming bigger and better by the day.

Can I watch the movies on my mobile device? is excellently optimized for mobile access. No matter what mobile device you are using, the experience on this site will be as great as any time. When you enter this network on your mobile device, the display fits the size of your screen and you can see the big thumbnails and previews of the movies. The user interface is smooth and user-friendly so you are guaranteed to have the best experience on your smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device.

Can I watch on Roku TV?

Roku TV is a widely popular streaming service that allows you to watch a big number of TV channels on demand. It has become very popular in the past couple of years and many people are using it. Roku TV includes some private channels and is one of the most popular of them. This site can be accessed via the hidden private channels on Roku TV and you can enjoy this amazing network in the comfort of your home in 4K.

How do I cancel my membership on Bang?

You can cancel your membership at any time you want. When you cancel it, you will no longer be charged for the membership on this premium porn site. You can cancel your account on the when you visit its support page and follow the instructions towards finishing the cancellation. Make sure to remember your email address at all times because you will need it for your account’s renewal or cancellation.

Is better than Vitaly Uncensored?

When it comes to the best reality porn sites, there is a huge choice that you can make. Reality porn sites are some of the most popular sites in the adult industry. On our list of the best reality porn sites, takes a high 5th place just behind Vitaly Uncensored. Vitaly Uncensored is a premium porn site of the YouTube sensation Vitaly Zdorovetskiy who has become popular and famous with his pranks and funny videos.

He has created his personal porn site that is premium and it features some famous porn stars such as Riley Reid. You can expect a lot of great content on Vitaly Uncensored but if you want to watch the real porn movies you should check out the It offers great porn experience and access to 12+ subsites. Vitaly Uncensored is bound to give you a tremendous amount of fun but is a clear choice. Comments

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Posted by Trevor


This site has the biggest number of different girls by far! That is why I love to watch it so much!

Posted by Josh


this site went from an AAA site to an underrated one! what happened???

Posted by Xander


This site has the biggest number of videos I have seen! I love it because I can watch it for years and never watch the same scene twice!

Posted by Asphen


This site has a huge reputation for creating amazing movies! That is the only reason I took it and I like it so far!

Posted by Heimer


I've never seen a site with so much potential as this one. Still, you have no Christmas deal for it! Well, I guess you can't get every single one and that is OK!

Posted by Portman


Seriously?! No Black Friday discount for Bang?! I am very disappointed! I guess I will need to take Devil's Film now! Bummer...

Posted by Otello


A great price for a great site! it rarely gets any better than this!

Posted by Ocho


Bang should be right up there with Brazzers and Reality Kings! It is one of the first sites I have ever visited and it hasn't gone stale yet!

Posted by Lindo


Good things never change...

Posted by Zoolander


Thank you for a great yearly discount! I took it and now I can watch this amazing porn for the whole year!

Posted by Jedan


This site has so many porn videos that it is just baffling to me! It is the only porn site I need!

Posted by Doodoo


Man, if I had a cock that big, I would never have any problems in my life!

Posted by Trunks


I think that the yearly deal for this site is awesome! It is only $10.00 a month! You won't really feel it and this site has fantastic porn!

Posted by Brother


Bang! is the home of the best hardcore porn in the world! Period!

Posted by Count


Still one of the best porn sites with the hottest girls and hardcore scenes!

Posted by Jullian


This site really has an insane number of videos to offer! I prefer the older ones because they are so fun to watch!

Posted by Palitz


I have found so many girls with big butts on this site that it is absolutely incredible! If you need big butt porn, Bang! is your choice!

Posted by Vulgarity


I swear I have cum so many times with movies on Bang! that I have lost count! Still, it remains my favorite porn site! Who can say no when the price is so low, anyway?!

Posted by Lion


Love this porn site! I don't remember a single softcore scene on Bang! It is such a gory place and I love it!

Posted by Hrood


Wow, only 41% OFF?! I expected more from Bang! I didn't know they were such cheapskates! :D

Posted by Joko


Some of the first porn movies that I watched were from Bang! Of course, I watched them for free on a tube site but the premium membership on Bang is not too expensive!

Posted by Cristiano


I found this site even before Brazzers and Reality Kings! It has a strong history and it is just getting better and more hardcore with time!

Posted by suzy


Castings are some of my favorite porn movies to watch! They show us the new girls trying to make it big in the industry! Therefore, I had to get this deal for Bang! Castings!

Posted by Shamrock


Top 5 site in my books! Love it!

Posted by greedydwarf


Watching these babes for the first time on the black couch in Bang Castings is everything to me! I just love this porn so much!

Posted by Jay


This site brings that old-school porn feeling and that is why it is my favorite! I have no problem spending money on this kind of porn!

Posted by Hamlet


This is the site with one of the best traditions in porn and that is to always make hardcore scenes! I simply love it!

Posted by Mark


I took one month on Bang last month and I thought that was it! But then, out of nowhere, the site renews itself with the same price! I was so mad but then I saw that you had it all written here! It was my dumb ass that didn't read all of your info!

Posted by Nooner


I always mix Bang! and BangBros! I was so confused when I realized those were two different sites! Still, this deal is worth every penny, as is the BangBros! I got both of them and I love them!

Posted by euryn


The deal works fine! It saved my money! Thank you for that!

Posted by Klaus


Too bad the day doesn't last 50 hours so that I can watch Bang! all day long! This is my favorite site so thank you for saving my money for it!

Posted by vergil


Too bad that there isn't Valentine's discount on Bang! I was waiting to take it! Well, some next time, perhaps!

Posted by kyrie


I just came to say that 10 bucks for this site a month is the best deal you can ever make! Porndeals really has the best porn discounts!

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This is such a wonderful deal! It works perfectly for me! Thank you guys!

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I love love love Bang! and the videos on it are fabulous! Thank you for this amazing discount! I will gladly take it!

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The videos on this site get much better in time!

Posted by Gordon


This deal works and that is all I care about! It is super cool! Thank you guys!

Posted by Youzhny


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Posted by Sam


The. Best. Porn. Out. There. Without a doubt! always comes with a BANG! Thanks for saving my money!

Posted by Jim


I didn't know this site existed anymore. This is a great deal, thank you! So nostalgic! :D

Posted by Origin


No subsites? That's a shame! This is a superb site for this money!

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