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The porn industry is full of collaborations, so-called “cross-species” where the studios work together, put together a team of amazing people, and decide to make some groundbreaking work. We know that Adult Time has cooperated with countless studios in their time and we are here to present you with their latest creation. In cooperation with the Girlsway porn site, Adult Time has put forth a semi-documentary movie called “Tiger King Parody”. Made in cooperation with Girlsway, one of the most famous lesbian porn sites in the industry, this movie was made to show people how the blend of ideas and teams can result in amazing work.

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Cougar Queen and Eccentric Lesbian Rivalry

As you can probably guess, Tiger King Parody is a type of documentary that has the purpose of showing a funny side of the events it is about. It is a three-part movie series that aired its first episode in June 2020 and it comes from Girlsway, an all-girl website and a channel of the Adult Time subscription platform. Adult Time has more than 250 channels and Girlsway is one of the top picks from this unreal network.

Before the year 2014, lesbian porn was scarce. There were a lot of threesome scenes with two girls but mostly the people were looking for and paying for straight porn. Some eccentric women tried to revolutionize the porn industry by implementing the lesbian porn genre on par with the straight genres and sub-genres. It was difficult at first and the people who wanted to do that had to pull every joker card they had. Some of them have made a permanent mark in the adult industry and “Tiger King Parody” sheds the light on those people and their decisions.

“Cougar Queen: Tiger King Parody” follows the lives of three lesbian porn owners. The first episode we are putting in the spotlight here is following the life of Jill Erotic, the owner of GW Films porn company, whose years-long rivalry with two other bitter rivals in the business of becoming the best lesbian porn owner. This eccentric persona was eventually caught in a fraud and put behind the bars in a state penitentiary. The Tiger King Parody will also follow in the footsteps of Cheryl and Holly Badsin, the biggest rivals of Jill Erotic in her ride to the top. These porn owners had a shady past connected to many scandals, and also some hypocritical business practices.

Together with them, Dot Scandal is given a lot of screen time in this movie as one of the first makers and publishers of lesbian porn with her website C.O.U.G.A.R.S., as well as Cheryl Badsin as the creator and owner of her company Big Clit Rescue. There are interview scenes with the friends, colleagues, and employees of all three lesbian porn owners that will show us the bitter rivalry between them in a funny way by giving us anecdotes and humorous situations from their past.

The directors of Adult Time and Girlsway said that they had always been interested in making comedy content for their subscribers. After watching the “Tiger King”, they felt very inspired to make this “mockumentary” movie, which is a blend of comedy and documentary. Airing its first episode in June, they cannot wait to give their audience an unforgettable experience that they will never forget.

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The official YouTube account of Adult Time has put together some of the most interesting scenes from this movie. You can see the official trailer for “Cougar Queen: Tiger King Parody” here:

Girlsway As A Lesbian Jewel Of Adult Time

As one of the most exclusive channels of the Adult Time network and having their absolute support in everything they do, Girlsway decided to put forth this amazing three-part documentary about the lesbian porn queens and owners. The amazing cooperation between Adult Time and Girlsway started years ago and it only becomes better and stronger.

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Adult Time is one of the biggest and most popular networks in the porn industry with 250+ channels and more than 50,000 porn videos. They have cooperation with many porn sites and Girlsway is one of them. With Girlsway, the producers of Adult Time decided to put forth a three-episode series called “Cougar Queen: Tiger King Parody”.

As you have seen, it is a documentary with a comedy approach that tells us the story of three bitter rivalries in the beginning of the rise of the lesbian porn genre. You will be able to hear many funny interviews with the people in question, the actresses who worked for those cougar queens, and many porn experts who have their vision of everything that had happened. Make sure to watch this humorous documentary, learn more about the lesbian porn owners, their destinies, beginnings, and most of all, the funny unbelievable things that have shaped their lives and careers.

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