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Saboom Interactive Discount

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Interactive porn experiences are pretty rare, but with Saboom, you’ve got exactly that. Offering its members the opportunity to watch and partake in a porn shoot, this site redefines what it means to be in control. If you like getting discount access to a great porn concept that might well be the next best thing, give Saboom and our low offer join price a chance!

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Saboom Interactive Review

Saboom Interactive discount reviewed by Porndeals (author: Glenn Wood)


So Saboom launched back in October of 2011 and ever since it’s been a pretty unique site in its style. I won’t spoil anything now because the content section will cover everything you need to know, but rest assured that this is a completely new method of enjoying adult entertainment, and I urge you to read the entire review in order to get a taste of what to expect when joining

After signing up and getting inside, Saboom presents the scenes from the get go. The scenes here update quite slowly, but given the type of material they deliver, that’s expected. Anyway, let’s cut this section short and get to the good stuff.

So Saboom’s concept is that you get introduced to the scene and eventually have to make a decision for what happens next. Every so often a new selection will appear and it’s your job to direct the content how you want it to be. Think of Saboom as the X-rated equivalent of those ‘choose your own adventure’ books. I personally loved the concept, and had a great time deciding what I wanted to see next during the movies. I don’t think I’m ever going to direct porn, but this is pretty much the next best thing.

The scenes are streamed to you in a great resolution and all of the girls are absolutely fantastic. I’d say that about 80% of the scenes are one-on-one hardcore sex between a male and a female, but lesbian sex and group sessions also occur. There’s a broad range of sets too: I saw one video that had a girl sucking black cock with a bowling pin in her pussy right next to two lesbians in a garden.


Saboom doesn’t allow you to download any content, and I think that’s probably the only issue I can see with this site. While I understand that the niche kind of requires you to do this, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to offer a download for people that like to store things locally.

We might want to get dates on the material too: there’s no way of knowing when the last scene was put online.


Saboom tried to reinvent the wheel and it did exactly that. The concept is a great idea, but its execution really does the blueprints justice. If you’re tired of the same old sex videos and feel like this would be your cup of tea, head on over to the tour and sample a scene or two before trying the real thing. Be sure to use our discount link too – you’ll save 33%!

Saboom Interactive Comments

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Posted by Benjamin


I like the way this site is different form other porn. It really brings my porn experience to the next level:))

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