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Playboy TV Discount

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Everyone who loves nudity and amazing-looking girls knows about the name Playboy and its well-known rabbit badge. Playboy TV is a revolutionary platform that works like Netflix and offers a huge number of episodes and TV shows starring some of the most gorgeous girls in the adult business. Playboy’s girls have always been exclusive and they can never be seen outside of their websites, and with Playboy TV you can watch them in amazing artistic sexual scenarios. There are lesbian movies, solo masturbation, sensual lovemaking, and hardcore group sex sessions, all of them done in a magnificent Playboyish way. Their scenes are available in 4K Ultra HD quality and are regularly updated so Playboy TV offers amazing high-quality entertainment.

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Playboy TV membership includes

  • 75+ Full-Length Artistic Porn Shows
  • Unlimited Downloads*
  • 2,500+ Porn Scenes
  • Nude Playmates, Celebrities, and Coeds
  • 200+ Exclusive Amazing Playboy Girls
  • The Best-Known Brand Of Nudity
  • Watch In 4K Ultra HD Quality
  • Optimized For Mobiles And Tablets

About Playboy TV Deal

Find our more what Playboy TV discount has to offer and learn more about the videos, pornstars, and features that are included in this Playboy TV deal!

What is included in this Playboy TV discount? is a Netflix-style hub of TV shows, movies and one-off production pieces. I must admit that it’s one of the few sites I personally have a membership to – that said, this place is less porn and more adult-themed entertainment shows. They do a lot of reality TV productions as well as dramas, documentaries and other interesting pieces. I’m hoping that you’ve used Netflix before, because that’s pretty much the best way to explain what is.

There are 87 shows in total, with names such as The Wild Life Miami, Truth About Sex and Spring Break being available alongside a number of other titles. One minute you’re watching Rich Kunkler’s investigative series into men who claim to have perfect girlfriends and the next, you’re looking at man paradise known as the Viking Exotic Resort, an all-inclusive erotic holiday destination in the Dominican Republic. You can also flip on over to the bonus DVD section where you’ll be able to watch premium releases if you’re feeling like it.

Playboy TV is a completely unique entity – I can’t think of another site that has this type of approach to entertainment in the adult realm. Of course, a name like Playboy can afford it, and Heffner has done a stellar job at maintaining a brand and image that has stood the test of time.

I estimate that there’s around 1 solid month of 24/7 viewing action here, and because the content is so varied, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy. I personally keep on in the background while working: it keeps me entertained and has a bunch of informative content that helps me think and focus on the world of sex. Now I’m not saying it’s perfect for everyone, but if you’ve done the classic porn route and want a fresh source of entertainment, Playboy TV is exactly that.


Some of the older content isn’t available in HD formats, although when you’re going back to a time when distribution of this material was done via cable, you can’t expect the best quality playback. also sits a little outside the standard porn site niche. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this is a negative thing at all, but if you want a hot dog and instead get a burger, you might not be too happy.

The Bottom Line About This Playboy TV Deal

I’m of the opinion that is well worth a visit and consideration for anyone that can live without seeing hardcore porn instantly. They have a lot of interesting content inside and have really pushed the boat out when it comes to good quality productions that showcase adult entertainment. Some of the series have even won multiple awards and if you’ve ever had the cable version of Playboy, you’ll find that this is a far superior way to get your hands on Playboy’s TV productions.

Read our full Playboy TV review and learn more about Playboy TV pros and cons, membership options, content quality, pornstar selection and mobile experience.

Membership Area

Playboy TV FAQ

Do you have questions about Playboy TV discount? Read or FAQ below or contact us if you have any additional questions.

How can I pay for this membership?

Playboy TV deal is a premium porn site that allows two different payment options to its members. The first one and the most popular one is a credit card. This deal supports every major credit card available and it keeps your sensitive information safe and secure. 

This payment option is available to everyone in the world. Also, another payment option that is available to everyone is payment via checks. You can use it from the USA and from anywhere in the world.

Is Playboy TV a lifetime discount?

A lifetime discount is the special kind of discount that rebills at the given price every month or year until you decide to cancel the membership. This means that there is no need for you to renew your subscription every time because it will automatically be rebilled. If there is a blue badge on the deal, it means that it is a lifetime discount.

Playboy TV discount rebills at the initial rate. This means that the deal is a lifetime discount. No matter if you choose a monthly or yearly membership plan, your account will be rebilled automatically at the initial rate and it will never go up. This automatic rebilling happens at the end of every period and it will cease once you have canceled your membership.

What kind of porn can I watch on Playboy TV?

Playboy TV deal is a different kind of porn site than the ones you have gotten used to. It works as a platform for porn videos and it can be compared with Netflix. Playboy TV offers a great deal of porn TV shows, episodes, and fantastic cinematic content on the website. Everyone knows that the Playboy brand was always focusing on female beauty and this is no different on this site. 

You can expect many porn videos and pictures that will show you what real beauty and sensuality look like. As well, you will be able to watch porn scenarios with Playboy dolls. They include many lesbian, solo, and couple sex scenarios. To learn everything about this deal, read our full Playboy TV review.

Is Playboy TV the best glamcore porn site?

Glamcore is a special porn genre that focuses on the passion between couples. The movies in this porn genre have a minimalistic setting, soothing music in the background, and incredibly passionate and sensual sex. The movies in the glamcore niche are not made for hardcore porn lovers. Playboy TV discount is one of the best sites when it comes to this genre. 

On our list of the best glamcore porn sites, however, it hasn’t found its place yet but it is stepping towards it in the future. The content on this site is updated multiple times in a week and you can expect its library of porn to grow. Right now, you get more than 60 full-length Playboy-style videos, more than 2,000 porn scenes with amazing models, and a huge database of Playboy pictures.

Are downloads included in this deal?

Playboy TV is a premium membership that allows you to access its incredible database of porn videos and pictures. When you become a member of this site, you get unlimited streaming and download options

This means that you will be able to watch and download as many pictures and videos from Playboy TV. There are no additional charges and no monthly or daily limits to the downloads. Everything from this site can find its way into your personal downloaded collection.


Is there a yearly Playboy TV discount?

With our discount, you get one membership option which is the best on Playboy TV. If you decide to purchase this site on Porndeals, you will get a free 7-days trial option that later rebills at the monthly discounted price. 

This means that the yearly membership is not available on Porndeals. All you can do is to become a member of this site for a month and let it rebill at the discounted rate until you cancel your subscription.

Can I get a Playboy TV trial?

As we have just mentioned, Playboy TV comes with a great trial option. The first seven days on this site are completely free, with no commitments, no ads. During these 7 days, you get full access to the site and its features. 

This means that you will be able to watch and download movies because it is considered to be full access. Once the trial ends, it will rebill at the full monthly rate and make you a premium member. To avoid this, you can cancel your membership before the rebilling has taken place.

Is Playboy TV a porn network?

A porn site is considered to be a porn network when it has a certain number of subsites included in the membership. Playboy TV doesn’t have any subsites and therefore it is not classified as a porn network. When you become a member of this site, all you get is its original library with 80+ TV shows and 2,000+ porn scenes all available for download. From the ’50s, this brand of porn has made tons of people happy so they don’t need any additional sites in their offer.

Are the videos on Playboy TV in 4K quality?

Playboy TV is all about top-notch quality porn. Their pictures are in incredible style, artistic measure, and incredible resolution that shows you every dimple on a girl. The videos on this site come in 4K Ultra HD quality and there are hundreds of them. 

The oldest videos, of course, are in Full HD quality and that also looks incredible and it takes us back through time. All of the 4K videos and pictures are available for download in their original quality and format.

Can I watch the movies on my mobile device?

Although using a site like Playboy TV is recommended on a huge PC monitor because of the picture quality, its mobile version is breathtaking as well. The mobile version of Playboy TV is very smooth and user-friendly. The resolutions and picture quality stay the same and when you zoom in, you can see everything in amazing 4K quality. 

The interface and the options of the site are smooth so you are guaranteed the best mobile experience on this site. Use Playboy TV deal on any smartphone, tablet, iPad, or any device capable of streaming and downloading media. Also, this site is made for your TV so you can contact your cable provider to help you stream it.

How do I cancel Playboy TV membership?

Playboy TV is a premium porn site which means that the freedom to do as you wish is yours. You can cancel and renew your membership at any time and as many times you want. To cancel your membership, you need to visit the support page of Playboy TV on the official website. 

There, you need to find the billing support and choose to cancel your membership. Once you have finished a simple cancellation process that demands information about your account, you will get a confirmation email saying that you are no longer a member of this site. When this is done, Playboy TV will stop taking money from your account.

What is the difference between Playboy TV and Playboy Plus?

Playboy is a porn brand that every person in the world knows. It has started its amazing and unreal career in the ‘50s and it is still going strong as one of the best companies to show female beauty. Among its models, many celebrities have been naked on their front pages and it is considered a huge honor if Playboy calls you to pose naked for them. In the many years ahead, Playboy has made many porn sites that deal with many different styles and girls. But, the one thing that never changed was their passion for female beauty. The two sites we are comparing are Playboy TV and Playboy Plus.

Playboy Plus represents an incredible library of Playboy’s content that places its focus on the newest and the old, famous works. You will find plenty of celebrities, muses, and models in its database of 8,000+ amazing videos and 25,000+ picture galleries. On the other hand, Playboy TV is slightly different and it works as a full-fledged porn site with some amazing TV shows and content. It includes many full-length artistic glamour movies, but it also includes 80+ TV shows, episodes, and 2,000+ porn scenes where you can expect anything to happen. Our recommendation is to try both of them out and see which one is better.

Playboy TV Comments

Read what people think about Playboy TV site and our discounted offer.

Posted by JK


I'll take free anytime of the day!

Posted by Jared


Yo! What kind of porn can I watch here? I mean, it's Playboy but I don't know any bunnies doing porn! So confused by this site rn!

Posted by Bruce


Is this really free?

Posted by Slacker


Wow! Just wow! These are actual reality shows with hardcore sex! It doesn't get better than this!

Posted by Drizzle


Honest to life, I have never watched a single scene from this porn site but it is free so, bring it on!

Posted by Doodler


Well, isn't this the best discount you have ever seen?! You get a premium porn site for free! Wonderful! Well done!

Posted by catcher


I tried every free deal on this site apart from this one! I guess it is its turn now!

Posted by devilko


Yo, gimme some videos so I can see what this site is all about!

Posted by Wort


This is the site to visit if you want hot parties and orgies with hot young girls. They are shameless!

Posted by Danen


If it's really free, I will get it

Posted by Quincy


I'd like to see some videos from this site before I make my decision. It seems promising but I am just not there yet...

Posted by Torrish


I am loving this site so far! Such a good catch!

Posted by Hungry


I thought this was Playboy Plus! I got it and I was really surprised at how good this porn actually was!

Posted by Ily


I believe this site to be like the special episode of Blind Date with real sex afterward! I am excited to see it!

Posted by jimbo


Not really sure what to think of this site! I am gonna give it a go!

Posted by vulture


Ummm, it's free only for some time. Then, you have to pay...

Posted by Focker


I was so skeptical towards this site because most of them turned out to be really bad. Still, this one is one of the better ones! I would recommend it to a friend!

Posted by nickname


Most of the time, porn on this site is of bad quality! Not too bad but definitely not 4K. I hope they will update it soon because watching those swingers fuck in 4K would be a masterpiece!

Posted by Dons


It works! The discount works! Lovely!

Posted by Malone


This site has a myriad of porn movies that feel like television! It is like watching a TV show with a lot of sex! And the girls are brutal!

Posted by rock


Playboy TV and Playboy Plus go well together! I purchased both deals here and I enjoy their pictures and videos every single day!

Posted by Lenny


This feels like watching porn on television! Pretty good sshit!

Posted by boon


I was excited about these porn shows and they didn't disappoint! It is like watching reality shows with a lot of uncensored sex!

Posted by Mike


Just like Post Malone said "I've been fucking hoes and popping pillies man I feel just like a rockstar!" This is what this site is about!

Posted by Luffi


Man, they can give me just pictures on it, if a site is for free, imma take it!

Posted by groeber


Pretty mellow porn but really fun!

Posted by Figgure56


Usually, when you get something for free, it is usually a trick to take more money! But not on PornDeals! This is a free site, I got it!

Posted by boogieboy67


Getting a site like this for free is a dream come true! Thanks, Porndeals!

Posted by jake


I love this discount because getting something for free is almost impossible today! You are the kings of porn discounts! Think about changing your name to Porn Deal Kings! :D

Posted by Carlito


Simply love these shows! It feels like watching the reality TV with lots of sex! Great discount, it saves all of the money! Amazing!

Posted by Mendes


Is this site really for free? if it is, I am getting it right away!

Posted by keiran


I am British and I don't like the lack of British broads on this site. Nevertheless, I like it big time and I love saving money with Porndeals!

Posted by friedrich


Love this discount, it works! Thank you very much!

Posted by laslo


Watching TV shows with the hottest girls ever?! Shut up and save my money!!

Posted by JasonJol


Is this better than Playboy Plus? Nevermind, I am getting both! It is super cheap!

Posted by Kinky


I'm so getting this for myself :P Love this discount :P

Posted by HRT


This is the site with hottest and sexiest chicks and videos are so the best.

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