Zaawaadi Pornstar FAQ

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  • Zaawaadi is one of the most popular African pornstars in today’s porn industry
  • She was born in 1988 in Kiambu, Kenya and she is currently living and working in Germany
  • She started her career in 2019 and during her career, she has won several awards such as the 2020 XBIZ Award for “Best Sex Scene - Gonzo” and the 2020 XCritic Award for “Scene of the Year”
  • If you wish to enjoy Zaawaadi porn scenes, visit Rocco Siffredi and Evil Angel

There are many different pornstars in the industry. They come from all parts of the world and they are all of different ethnicities and nationalities. From time to time, the adult industry becomes richer for a pornstar who breaks the boundaries of exoticism. This is the case with Zaawaadi, an African pornstar who has made quite a success in her short time on the porn scene.

This is an exotic chocolate skinned actress with a successful career so far and she has set out on a path of conquering the porn industry with her sexy face and short hair. She loves making all kinds of movie so you can expect to watch her in lesbian porn, straight interracial or ebony scenes, and hardcore DP scenes as well. Watching porn with your favorite pornstar is one thing and learning about her is completely another. Let’s learn more about Zaawaadi in this Pornstar FAQ article.

Who Is Zaawaadi?

We can safely call Zaawaadi a sensation! She appeared not so long ago and many sites have been racing to make movies with her. Her trademark is her dark skin and her short hair. This African pornstar was born in 1988 in Kiambu, Kenya. Her name means “present” in the Swahili language. Coming from the black continent, her life pointed her in the direction of the adult industry. Before shooting her first movie, she decided to move to Germany and this is where she is living and working right now. She speaks a big number of languages and that is a door opener for her. With her specific looks, it was easy to spot her and her career has already been a successful one. You can follow her official Instagram account to see what she is up to when she is not doing porn. Her profile is locked but she will accept your request for sure.

Zaawaadi started her professional career when she was already 31 years old in the year 2019. Even though she entered the industry late, she immediately caught the attention of many porn houses and productions so she is one of the most popular African pornstars today. During her short career, she has had many nominations over the years and she won several awards such as the 2020 XBIZ Award for “Best Sex Scene - Gonzo” and the 2020 XCritic Award for “Scene of the Year” for the movie I am Zaawaadi. Her career is reaching new heights and she will definitely achieve more success in the years to come. Follow her official Twitter account for the news in the professional area.

Zaawaadi Personal Info:

  • Country of Birth: Kenya
  • Country of Residence: Germany
  • City of Birth: Kiambu, Kenya
  • Year of Birth: 1988
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • Height: 5’6’’ (1.68m)
  • Cup Size: 32E
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Boobs: Natural
  • Tattoos and Piercings: None
  • Professional Career: 2019 - still active

How Tall Is Zaawaadi?

Zaawaadi is a real jewel that comes from Africa. She is an African diamond of perfect proportions. Her body is amazing and there is nothing that is disproportionate or being displaced. Still, her height is one of the average ones in the porn industry. Zaawaadi is 1.68m tall which is a perfect size for all of her scenes. She loves everything from softcore to hardcore action and the size of her body makes her a perfect candidate for hot hardcore scenes. She loves anal sex so you can often see her in such scenes as well.

Are Her Boobs Fake?

Being a naturally hot African babe, Zaawaadi has never had a plastic surgery to change or reshape anything on her body. The size of her boobs is 32E which shows that she is a naturally hot diamond. Before porn experience, she studied to be a nurse in Germany through a work and travel program but she ended up being in the porn industry. Her boobs are 100% natural and of perfect size as well. For now, she doesn’t want to change them or make them bigger.

Does She Have Any Tattoos or Piercings?

Zaawaadi is one of those girls who love everything to be natural. Other than her short hair which is becoming her trademark, she doesn’t have anything on her body that has been made by artificial means. This means that you cannot find any tattoos on her dark chocolate skin. Even without tattoos, Zaawaadi looks incredible and she is definitely the hottest pornstar from the African continent. Her body is smooth and clear with silky ebony skin and no piercings are to be found as well.

Is Zaawaadi Retired From Porn?

Speaking of her career, Zaawaadi is a young pornstar. Her career has been short and she has entered the industry like a hurricane. So far, since her debut in 2019, she was nominated for some of the best awards in the industry and there is certainly no reason for her to quit anytime soon. Therefore, enjoy it while it lasts. If you wish to enjoy her private videos, you can visit her OnlyFans account and witness the African greatness living in Germany.

Where Can I Watch The Best Zaawaadi Porn?

Having such an exotic babe in your roster means instant success for any porn site. Zaawaadi is really different and she is slowly becoming one of the most popular international and foreign pornstars. If you would love to experience the movie that made her famous and that got her the awards, visit Rocco Siffredi. She has a scene on this site called I am Zaawaadi which introduced her to the world and got her all the success. On the other hand, if you want to see her in hardcore anal action, we suggest Evil Angel, the #1 anal porn network in the industry. Zaawaadi is one daredevil and she loves anal sex. All in all, you can always expect variety when it comes to the best Zaawaadi porn.

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