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Female Fake Taxi is one ride you don't want to miss! This wild ride only has one stop - to orgasm. This website is gaining popularity faster than a speeding bullet and it's not hard to see why. It features a ton of hot girls as fake taxi drivers that don't give a fuck about where or to who they do their naughty acts. It's guaranteed to go down as long as this naughty taxi is around. Anywhere in public or while people watch, it doesn't matter, there's no holding back these freaky people from having sex. Whether it's boy/girl, girl/girl, or group action you're looking for, you can get them all here at Female Fake Taxi.

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Female Fake Taxi Review

Female Fake Taxi discount reviewed by Porndeals (author: Glenn Wood)


How many of us have actually had a fantasy about fucking in the back of the taxi cab? It's a lot tougher to do for most of us but these naughty girl drivers don't care and thankfully they have it all recorded for us to enjoy. Female Fake Taxi is the only site of its kind and it features, as of today, 33 exclusive scenes all shot in the back of the taxi with two more scenes already scheduled to be released. The site is always updating with new scenes and as a member you get the first look at all the new scenes that's lined up to release. This website is dedicated to delivering you fresh content straight out of the wild taxi.

These fake taxi drivers are not your ordinary looking girls, they are grade A+ hot whores that will bring you along for the wildest ride of your life. Right now the models consists of Elicia, Ava Austen, Rebecca M, and Sienna. With these hot babes you get a mix of hot raunchy scenes that includes blowjobs, finger fucking, pussy licking, and of course some real hardcore sex. These four hot babes are your drivers and you better ready to pay up by making them cum!

Female Fake Taxi's content is available in videos that are super clear in quality. For something that is not shot in the studio, the quality is super high grade. You will not be disappointed! Female Fake Taxi wants to make sure you see every pussy juice that squirts out when the girls are fucked hard and every cum that goes into the girl's mouth clearly. One of the scenes has a busty blonde chick that gets licked all over her sexy body in the back of the taxi by one of the female drivers. This scene is incredibly hot! These babes are so fucking hungry for wet pussy that it seems like it's the last pussy available on Earth. The female patron just broke up with her boyfriend and our female driver made her forget about her boyfriend by using her tongue and fingers. She totally goes crazy on that pussy and she makes the girl go wild and cum all over the back seat of the taxi. I wonder if she even remembers her ex boyfriend!

Female Fake Taxi is truly a wild ride you do not want to miss. These naughty drivers are only out driving their cabs to find their next victims to fuck in the back of their taxis and once they record it on video they upload it to the website. It's fucking genius! What makes it all so perfect are the reactions on the faces of the people that go into their taxis and learning that they are in for something more than just a regular taxi ride. At the end it all works out because they're all down to suck, fuck, and do all kinds of naughty acts.


The only downsides right now to Female Fake Taxi is that it's a fairly, new site so the content is a bit low but I promise you this website is growing, and growing fast! With new updates added all month it won't be long until this website is jammed packed with content that you will enjoy every day.


If you're tired of watching porn shot in the studio or regular setting then give Female Fake Taxi a try. It's a unique idea and you won't find it anywhere else on the internet. This is some real naughty stuff that happens in the back of a taxi and it's recorded! There's always people doing crazy shit in the back of the taxi but never recorded, only here. The website is so easy to use that you won't be wasting your time finding something you want to watch. It's all built around the same concept: sex in the taxi. There's only four sections: Home, Videos, Girls, and Search. If you want quick access to the content you signed up for, then Female Fake Taxi will deliver that. All of this content is unique and exclusive to Female Fake Taxi and for that alone it's a MUST JOIN.

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