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Female Fake Taxi Discount

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Female Fake Taxi is the offspring of the worldly famous and loved FakeHub. It is a place where every ride in the taxi finishes with an orgasm. This site specializes in the reality porn genre and the scenes where female busty and gorgeous taxi drivers will do anything for their money. They park the car in some alley or by the side of the road and fuck their clients on the back seat, men and women alike. FakeHub has created a big number of reality porn sites and Female Fake Taxi is one of the best ones. With their newest content in 4K Ultra HD, this site will be responsible for the longevity of fun in your home.

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Female Fake Taxi membership includes

  • 100+ Reality Sex Scenes
  • 100% Exclusive Content
  • Hottest Cab Drivers In UK
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  • Watch Videos In 4K Ultra HD Quality
  • Hot Guerrilla Porn Shot on City Streets
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  • Hottest Reality Porn Movies
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About Female Fake Taxi Deal

Find our more what Female Fake Taxi discount has to offer and learn more about the videos, pornstars, and features that are included in this Female Fake Taxi deal!

What is included in this Female Fake Taxi discount?

How many of us have actually had a fantasy about fucking in the back of the taxi cab? It's a lot tougher to do for most of us but these naughty girl drivers don't care and thankfully they have it all recorded for us to enjoy. Female Fake Taxi is the only site of its kind and it features, as of today, 33 exclusive scenes all shot in the back of the taxi with two more scenes already scheduled to be released. The site is always updating with new scenes and as a member you get the first look at all the new scenes that's lined up to release. This website is dedicated to delivering you fresh content straight out of the wild taxi.

These fake taxi drivers are not your ordinary looking girls, they are grade A+ hot whores that will bring you along for the wildest ride of your life. Right now the models consists of Elicia, Ava Austen, Rebecca M, and Sienna. With these hot babes you get a mix of hot raunchy scenes that includes blowjobs, finger fucking, pussy licking, and of course some real hardcore sex. These four hot babes are your drivers and you better ready to pay up by making them cum!

Female Fake Taxi's content is available in videos that are super clear in quality. For something that is not shot in the studio, the quality is super high grade. You will not be disappointed! Female Fake Taxi wants to make sure you see every pussy juice that squirts out when the girls are fucked hard and every cum that goes into the girl's mouth clearly. One of the scenes has a busty blonde chick that gets licked all over her sexy body in the back of the taxi by one of the female drivers. This scene is incredibly hot! These babes are so fucking hungry for wet pussy that it seems like it's the last pussy available on Earth. The female patron just broke up with her boyfriend and our female driver made her forget about her boyfriend by using her tongue and fingers. She totally goes crazy on that pussy and she makes the girl go wild and cum all over the back seat of the taxi. I wonder if she even remembers her ex boyfriend!

Female Fake Taxi is truly a wild ride you do not want to miss. These naughty drivers are only out driving their cabs to find their next victims to fuck in the back of their taxis and once they record it on video they upload it to the website. It's fucking genius! What makes it all so perfect are the reactions on the faces of the people that go into their taxis and learning that they are in for something more than just a regular taxi ride. At the end it all works out because they're all down to suck, fuck, and do all kinds of naughty acts.


The only downsides right now to Female Fake Taxi is that it's a fairly, new site so the content is a bit low but I promise you this website is growing, and growing fast! With new updates added all month it won't be long until this website is jammed packed with content that you will enjoy every day.

The Bottom Line About This Female Fake Taxi Deal

If you're tired of watching porn shot in the studio or regular setting then give Female Fake Taxi a try. It's a unique idea and you won't find it anywhere else on the internet. This is some real naughty stuff that happens in the back of a taxi and it's recorded! There's always people doing crazy shit in the back of the taxi but never recorded, only here.
The website is so easy to use that you won't be wasting your time finding something you want to watch. It's all built around the same concept: sex in the taxi. There's only four sections: Home, Videos, Girls, and Search. If you want quick access to the content you signed up for, then Female Fake Taxi will deliver that. All of this content is unique and exclusive to Female Fake Taxi and for that alone it's a MUST JOIN.

Read our full Female Fake Taxi review and learn more about Female Fake Taxi pros and cons, membership options, content quality, pornstar selection and mobile experience.

Membership Area

Female Fake Taxi FAQ

Do you have questions about Female Fake Taxi discount? Read or FAQ below or contact us if you have any additional questions.

How can I pay for this membership?

Female Fake Taxi allows you to pay for its membership in a couple of ways. The first one, and the one that most people use, is the credit card payment. This deal accepts every major credit card that you have and the information you enter is safe and secured.

However, there is another option that is reserved for American citizens only. Members who are using a VPN or come from the USA can make use of checks (not available to the rest of the world).

Is Female Fake Taxi a lifetime discount?

A lifetime discount is the special kind of discount that rebills at the given price every month or year until you decide to cancel the membership. This means that there is no need for you to renew your subscription every time because it will automatically be rebilled. To make it easier for you, there is a lifetime discount badge on the deal itself and you can spot it easily.

Female Fake Taxi is a lifetime discount. When you become a monthly member, the membership will renew at a discounted price every time. This price point is $17.99 a month and this deal is a lifetime discount. Also, if you become a yearly member of the Female Fake Taxi deal, your discount is a lifetime as well and it will always rebill the same.

What kind of porn can I watch on the Female Fake Taxi deal?

Female Fake Taxi is one of the subsites of the world’s famous FakeHub Network but it also operates as an individual porn site. It is a premium porn site and it offers more than 260 exclusive videos shot in taxis all over the city. The specialty of this site is the reality porn genre. 

The movies on this site feature the hottest female taxi drivers who would do anything to get their rightful prize for driving people. They stop at dark alleys and abandoned houses to have hardcore sex in the backseat of their taxi. This site offers many amazing public porn scenes and you can enjoy it with our discount. To see what this deal is really about, read our full Female Fake Taxi review.

Is Female Fake Taxi the best reality porn site?

Even though the Female Fake Taxi deal doesn’t find its place in any of our lists, its master FakeHub finds its place in many of our top lists. For example, this site is deemed as the second-best reality porn site on our list of the best reality porn sites in the industry. Included in that deal are many other subsites including Female Fake Taxi. If you would like to enjoy some of the best reality porn scenes in the world, FakeHub and Female Fake Taxi are the right places for you. They are bested only by the best reality porn network - Reality Kings.

Are downloads included in this deal?

If you become a member of the Female Fake Taxi, you get an unlimited streaming option. This means that you can watch as many movies as you want at any time. However, when it comes to the download option, it is reserved for the premium members. If you wish to download the movies from this deal, you will need to pay an additional monthly price for that. 

On the other hand, if you become a yearly member of the site, this download option is yours and there are no additional fees. That is why the yearly subscription to Female Fake Taxi is our recommendation.


Is there a yearly Female Fake Taxi discount?

You can become a monthly and yearly member of this discount. If you want to become a member for the whole year, you can do that by paying $69.99 a year. This way, you will save a lot of your money on the yearly level. 

Also, this deal will rebill at the same price every year which comes as a lifetime discount to Female Fake Taxi. With this deal, you get unlimited streaming and download access to the whole FakeHub network. That is why the yearly discount is our recommendation for everyone.

Can I get the Female Fake Taxi trial?

Female Fake Taxi deal offers trial access to its newest members. This trial membership is 2 days long and its price is $1.00. During this time, you will have limited access to this site. You will be able to watch the movies all the time, but the download option is not available to you. 

Since the Female Fake Taxi trial is very similar to the FakeHub trial, you will get access to the whole network of sites that this network includes. You can learn more about the FakeHub trial which will help you with your choice.

How many subsites are included in this deal?

A porn site classifies as a network when it has subsites that are included in the membership. Female Fake Taxi, as well as FakeHub, is a network of 10 sites that become available the moment you become a member of this site. There are no additional fees that you need to pay to access these subsites, they become available right away.

The sites that Female Fake Taxi discount includes are some of the most famous and most imaginative porn sites that you will encounter. They deal with real-life situations that always have a sexy twist and they always include gorgeous amateur girls or experienced pornstars. Some of the best-known subsites available on this deal are Fake Taxi, Fake Hospital, Fake Cop, and Public Agent.

Are the videos on Female Fake Taxi in 4K Ultra HD?

The library of porn videos on this deal is fair and it offers 260+ porn videos. When you include the 10 subsites into the equation, this number goes way up. However, the 4K content is pretty scarce on this site. They have recently started implementing it and every new regular update that happens will be in the 4K quality. This means that the library of porn on this network is not so rich in 4K but this trend is about to change. In the future, the 4K videos on Female Fake Taxi and FakeHub will be numerous.

Can I watch the movies on my mobile device?

Female Fake Taxi has excellent mobile optimization. The style design and the smoothness of the navigation have been completely transferred to mobile devices. They implemented the system of automatic previews like YouTube, so you will be able to see the preview of every porn movie without the need to click on them. You can watch Female Fake Taxi discount on your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or any other device capable of streaming and downloading movies.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your Female Fake Taxi membership by visiting the support page of the website and clicking on the “Billing Questions” tab. Under that, you will find the question “How do I cancel my membership?”. Click on it and follow some simple steps towards the cancellation of your account. 

Make sure to remember your email address at all times because you will need it for your account’s renewal or cancellation. When you cancel your membership, the automatic rebilling system stops taking the money from your account.

What is the difference between Fake Taxi and Female Fake Taxi?

First of all, one of the things that Fake Taxi and Female Fake Taxi have in common is that they are both subsites of the mighty FakeHub Network. If you take that membership, you get access to these two sites and 10+ additional sites that explore the reality porn genre. Another similarity between these two sites is the same porn scenario. The movies on these deals include a taxi vehicle, a sexy female, and the same collection of debt - sexual services.

Now, we come to the differences. The number of movies offers differs. Fake Taxi offers more videos than its sister site. You can expect more than 700 videos on it, compared to the 260+ videos on Female Fake Taxi. The style and the quality of these movies are similar and the taste will decide. If you like women taking matters into their hands, you will pick Female Fake Taxi. One way or the other, you cannot make a mistake with these two deals.

Female Fake Taxi Comments

Read what people think about Female Fake Taxi site and our discounted offer.

Posted by Yellow


I didn't like the normal fake taxi since it was just grubby middle aged men. But female fake taxi is so hot since the woman is making a move it's every mans dream!

Posted by Jasper


This site is exciting and I think people don't talk about it enough! That's gotta change!

Posted by Richard


I don't know what to be more excited about - the price of this deal or the fact that it is filled with amazing porn! Either way, it is the best!

Posted by Porter


WOAH! 74% OFF?!?! This is my lucky day!!!

Posted by Yumi


I watched 30 of these videos in a single day! They are so addicting and I just cannot stop! Fuck!

Posted by Toddoro


Imagine a hot lady driving you to the destination just to show you her tits and suck your dick?! That would be the best taxi ride of the century!

Posted by Copycat


Knowing that these scenarios are fake makes me even hornier and I always try to enter into a taxi where a hot girl or a MILF is driving! So far, nothing has happened, but I am not losing hope!

Posted by Rat


I don't know why this is a separate discount when I can get FakeHub and still get this site. Well, I am not going to let this opportunity get past me!

Posted by 00Bond


This site's movies have some of the best ideas in porn put into action! It is just sublime!

Posted by Wooper90


Lovely deal! Thank you for a generous discount!

Posted by Wommet


Having sex in the bedroom is overrated! I would rather do it in a car anytime!

Posted by E45U8


To this day, nothing has ever happened to me like this! I don't trust this site at all! :PpPpP

Posted by Mladen


This has forever been my biggest fantasy! I drive in a taxi every single day and hope that this would happen!

Posted by Vix


Ever since I had sex in a car for the first time, I was looking for a site like this! I finally found it!

Posted by Porret


Such a low price on this one! It is great!

Posted by Nutri


This is the best subsite of FakeHub in my opinion.

Posted by Jagen


I just cannot get over the fact how hot and sexy these videos are! I am never taking money to a taxi ever again!

Posted by Rush


Driving a car and having sex in the process... Is there a more perfect life?

Posted by Gronn


Well, I got it and the discount works!

Posted by Jodie


YESSS!!! So good!

Posted by Joozy


Imagine having a really rough day and ending it with a hot ride in Female Fake Taxi! Well, that is the kind of life that I can live easily!

Posted by Billie


This discount worked perfectly for me! I had my doubts because it is the last on the list but it worked!

Posted by Leaf


I thought about entering the porn industry just because of this porn site! Its format is by far the best one out there! Public sex with female drivers! Amazing!

Posted by Jasper88


I just saw one video of this porn and got completely hooked up on it! It is great!

Posted by Donny


Hottest cab drivers in UK! I love these movies because of British humour as well! Bloody brilliant!

Posted by Heathen


I watched one episode with Cherry Kiss driving a taxi... Man, that girl is so hot and amazing! She alone is worth taking this deal!

Posted by Georgino


The site works and the movies are amazing! What more do I need!?

Posted by cockRoache


I have always liked FakeHub in its entire glory but this site has always held a special spot in my heart! I love to masturbate to these movies the most! Therefore, thank you for the discount! You are most kind!

Posted by Jerkson123


Driving in a cab and getting to fuck with no money spent is a dream come true! This site makes it a reality! Simply a great one!

Posted by lovely


I found out that you get the whole FakeHub network with this site and that is why I took it. WORTH! EVERY! PENNY!

Posted by Drew


I saw a scene with that black-haired chick Zuzu on Twitter and had to come here to get the discount! That scene alone is worth the money! Thanks for the discount!

Posted by kingjonas


This is one of my favorite porn sites. Starting from the hot drivers, salty conversations, and endless fucking, this site is the only one that I need. Thank you for giving it to me for a lower price.

Posted by Dejan


After watching this site, I always take a taxi to see if my luck will turn out ahahhahahha! Seriously, a great site!

Posted by julienne


I am a girl and I watch porn! Love this discount! Taxi drivers are really hot!

Posted by ulix


I saw a teaser for the movie where this female crazy cab driver wants to thank a doctor for his service! And she does it by fucking him! After that I had to find that site! Your discount is the best one I found! Cheers!

Posted by Sheeran123#e


These taxi drivers are pros! I am a member o this site and its movies are just awesome! I appreciate this discount!

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