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Penthouse Discount

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No need no special introduction for a name such as Penthouse. This company has been around since the beginning of time. Starting as a magazine, they have made a huge name on the internet as well. Now it's easier to get all of your Penthouse Pets all in one website. Penthouse has already a ton of girls in their collection and inside their library are thousands of movies and photos. With daily updates, you can be sure you will get the best bang for your bucks! For under $10, you can get your unlimited monthly pass and this discount is only available through our website instead of paying the full price of $29.98 a month.

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Penthouse Review

Penthouse discount reviewed by Porndeals.


There are not many old-school porn sites left in the online world, however, the Penthouse is definitely alive and blooming. From the moment you see this amazing website, you will know exactly what we mean. Their homepage will give you everything you need to know, from its amazing content to its ladies. If you decided that you want to try this site out, it will definitely be worth it and now you will see why.

The Penthouse goes straight to the point, as their second tab will allow you to join their site. Unlike a lot of other porn sites, you are actually able to make a free account on the Penthouse and enjoy their movies, galleries, Penthouse Pets… on all of your devices. The registration page is quite simple and easy and you can even state what you are interested in and what do you wish to see. This way the site will work in your favour providing you with only that content.

Moving on to the next tab, which is the 'Pets' tab. This is a very straightforward section, as it offers exactly what it states. All of the girls that are listed here deserved their 'Penthouse Pet' label, as they are simply beautiful and erotic. You can browse through them by the top rated, most content, all pets, and you even have their names listed if you know who do you wish to see. What might be a bit confusing is that you also have the 'Models' tab, where you will have all of the models that can be seen on this site and not just the top rated.

Now, the 'Magazines' tab is definitely something that almost no other porn website offers, and this is exactly what makes the Penthouse stand out. As you might have guessed, here you will have a list of the magazines that can be viewed on this site. They are all unique and erotic in their own way and all of them will definitely make your heart race. You are even able to order these magazines or just buy them as a digital copy. Without the subscription, you can view just a bit of every magazine listed, but nothing more.

The good part about this site is definitely found in the 'XXX' tab, and those are all of the videos, 3D porn, and galleries. While some like to read and watch pictures others prefer to see some action and the Penthouse has a little something for everybody. This page is quite self-explanatory as it offers videos and galleries of their beautiful models. The next tab is labelled as the 'Clubs' and it will list all of the available clubs from which these beautiful girls come from. Every single club here also has its own site that you will be able to visit and explore.


While this site looks like it offers a lot, you will have to make an account to see if everything they said is actually true. You can’t view any of its content without an actual subscription; however, rest assured, you will find everything you need once you become a member.


The Penthouse is definitely a site that stands out from all of its other competitors and that is simply because they really have thought of everything. You even have a special section just for the store, which means you do not have to subscribe to the site just to be able to purchase stuff. On top of that, you are even able to join their site for free, which a lot of other porn websites do not allow! If you want the full experience with Penthouse take advantage of our $9.98 a month unlimited pass and this is a 67% discount from the original price. This deal is only available at our website so take advantage and become part of one of the biggest babe porn sites out there.

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Posted by Glass-half-full


Free good quality porn is something I can settle for. TY

Posted by OO


For free there is not that much content :/ But this premium is really worth its prize

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