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Puba Discount

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Puba is a renowned network of pornstars’ official sites and other niche sites that are all together collected in an amazing list of porn that can be watched in 4K Ultra HD quality. Many people from the porn industry call Puba the “Pornstar Network” and this is true because their videos and galleries feature only the hottest and most popular porn stars like Asa Akira, Jayden Jaymes, London Keyes, Nicole Aniston, Samantha Saint, and many others. Their amazing collection of 40+ subsites is a feast for the eyes and soul of every porn lover out there. Join Puba and you will find what you were looking for on this exclusive porn subscription platform.

With our Puba discount, you can get up to 87% off Puba premium membership and save up to $25.95. Take advantage of our Puba deal and subscribe for only $4.00.

Puba membership includes

  • 3,000+ Porn Videos
  • Regular Updates Every Week
  • 45+ Exclusive Subsites
  • Live Pornstar Shows
  • The Hottest Pornstars In The Industry
  • Official Pornstar Websites
  • Watch Porn In 4K Ultra HD Quality
  • Video On Demand
  • Optimization For Mobile & Tablet

About Puba Deal

Find our more what Puba discount has to offer and learn more about the videos, pornstars, and features that are included in this Puba deal!

What is included in this Puba discount?

When it comes to porn networks Puba is the real reflection of the phrase "all in one". In addition to the large number of well-known names in the adult industry such as Asa Akira, Jayden Jaymes, Britney Amber and many more (including exclusive access to their official websites) Puba offers live shows and live interaction with their porn stars as they perform. When you mix all that with exclusive HD videos, and daily live shows that can be found right here, this website gave me an amazing overall first impression and I was only scratching the surface.

By looking at the website design I instantly had an impression that it is maintained by professionals, judging by the design and the navigation. Everything is smooth, transparent and easy to find, and most importantly, there is something for everyone. They cover a big number of porn niches and that includes almost everything from amateur to hardcore.

The large number of videos can be streamed on demand or stored locally, if you want to play them directly from your PC. I don't even want to talk about the video quality-the word amazing simply isn't descriptive enough. As a member you will also have access to the latest photo sets and view the pictures in stunning high quality resolutions.

Live interaction with the porn stars is what really makes this website stand out from the crowd. You can get really involved in the action with many amazing looking porn stars as they record new material, and a real desert is the one on one live chat, where you can get in a private session with them. You can't find that many adult websites that offer this type of interaction, and I believe I can count them all on the fingers of my hand.


When you get a chance to review an amazing adult network like this one it is really hard to find any downside. Considering the fact that everything is well placed and that the website is amazingly rich in content, the only thing I could really complain about is the layout of the home page. The entries are a bit messy and not aligned, but I am a perfectionist so I believe most of the people will not find this as a real downside.

The Bottom Line About This Puba Deal

I can continue to point out why Puba is on the very top of my adult networks list, but every great story has to come to an end. To put things simple, if you want to have a great time for a small amount of money and above all that, get exclusive access to a large number of high quality content, look no further. Puba will offer you just that and even more.

Only with Puba you will be able to enjoy exclusive adult content and interact with the porn stars directly from your PC. All that is followed by an amazing large number of high quality porn videos, that will blow your mind. If you still haven’t, now is the right time to visit Puba and discover a whole new world of enjoyment and pleasure.

Read our full Puba review and learn more about Puba pros and cons, membership options, content quality, pornstar selection and mobile experience.

Membership Area

Puba FAQ

Do you have questions about Puba discount? Read or FAQ below or contact us if you have any additional questions.

How can I pay for this membership?

Puba deal is a premium porn network that allows only one payment option - the credit card. It supports Visa and MasterCard payments and it does its transactions via Rocket Pay service. This means that all of your information will be safe and that this payment will not show on the credit card bill. Payments with PayPal or cryptocurrencies are not supported on Puba. The only way to become its member is to use a credit card for payment.

Is Puba a lifetime discount?

A lifetime discount is the special kind of discount that rebills at the given price every month or year until you decide to cancel the membership. This means that there is no need for you to renew your subscription every time because it will automatically be rebilled. Search for the blue badge that says “lifetime discount” on the deal itself.

We have a double pricing point for Puba discount. The first one is where you can get monthly access for $5.00 a month and it is not a lifetime discount. It rebills at a higher price every 30 days. The second price point is for $9.95 a month and this offer also rebills at a higher price. However, the second price point offers a yearly discount from $4.00 a month and that discount price rebills at the discounted rate. This fact makes it a lifetime discount.

What kind of porn can I watch on this deal?

Puba deal is often referred to as the “Pornstar Network” because its movies often feature the hottest pornstars in the porn industry. It is a network of 45+ subsites that will show you some of the best premium porn movies ever. This is an award-winning network and it is made by a team of professionals. The movies on Puba come in Full HD and Ultra HD 4K quality.

The latter is quickly becoming a standard so you can expect many movies in 4K on and off this network. The genres that this site explores range from lesbian porn, hardcore sex, to MILF, and anal porn genre. Puba offers a wide variety of niches that are further explored by its many subsites. Read our Puba review to learn all about it.

Is Puba deal the best lesbian porn site?

Lesbian porn is only one of the genres that Puba explores to its core. On our list of the best lesbian porn sites, however, Puba takes a high and respected 7th place. The best lesbian deal in our books is Twistys. On the Puba network, you can expect to find a wide variety of lesbian genre and its sub-genre movies. 

You will see some of the hottest pornstars playing sapphic games with other hotties of the industry. Some of the subsites such as My Doll Parts VIP will show you perfect blends between lesbian porn and fetish.

Are downloads included in this deal?

When you get access to the Puba network, you will automatically get an unlimited streaming option. It allows you to watch all the movies on this network for as long as you want. You will also get a download option but there is a daily download limit

Every day, you can download up to 10GB of movies. Since some of the movies are in 4K Ultra HD quality, their size is several GB large. This can create quite a border in your downloading wishes. However, this is a nice option that doesn’t ask for additional fees.


Is there a yearly Puba discount?

The Puba deal offers a double membership plan to its members. You can become a member of this network for one month and for one year. If you want to become a yearly member of Puba, you can do that. It’s done by paying from $4.00 a month and saving up to 87% of your money. 

Yearly subscription rebills at the discounted rate every year until you cancel your account. This is why our recommendation is always the yearly subscription.

Can I get the Puba trial period?

The Puba discount is one of those premium porn sites that do not offer a trial period to its newest members. If you want to experience the best porn on this “Pornstar Network”, you will have to choose between the monthly and yearly membership plans. There is no option that allows you to take the Puba trial with our discounts.

How many sites are included in this network?

Puba is a mega network site and it includes 45+ exclusive subsites. When you become a member of the Puba network, you immediately get access to all of its subsites for free. There are no additional fees for access to the subsites of this network. The subsites that are included in this deal are various and they explore many different porn genres. 

Among others, you will be able to watch the best MILF porn, hardcore, anal, and lesbian genre porn in Ultra HD 4K quality. Some of the best subsites of this network are Asa Akira, London Keyes, and Banging Pornstars. No wonder this site is often called the pornstar network. Read about the top 5 Puba subsites to learn more.

Are Puba videos in Ultra HD 4K?

Without its network of sites, offers 2,500+ porn videos and not all of them are in 4K Ultra HD quality. This is an experienced website and the older videos from its beginnings are in Full HD 1080p quality and they can also be downloaded in that quality.

However, every new update that happens on the mother site and the subsites is usually in 4K quality. That means that this is one of the best 4K porn sites in the industry.

Can I watch Puba on my mobile device?

The mobile experience on Puba doesn’t differ that much from its desktop experience. The size of the website adapts to the size of your mobile device. All the options that were available on the desktop version still remain available on the mobile version of the site. The site style and interface are smooth and user-friendly which means that you will never have to worry about the feeling and mobile experience on Puba. 

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership on Puba anytime you want since this is a premium porn site and it gives you all the freedom you need. You can deactivate your account by accessing the support page on the Puba website and finding the billing questions. The cancellation process is simple and you will need the email address that you used upon the signup. When you stop being its member, Puba will stop taking money from your account.

Is Puba better than 21Sextury?

Puba and 21Sextury are very similar deals when looked at globally. But, who has got the upper hand? 21Sextury is also a porn network and it comes from Europe, which means that the first big difference between these two sites is the choice of pornstars. 21Sextury will show you the hottest European pornstars while Puba will focus on the American ones such as Nicole Aniston or Jessica Jaymes. 

Also, Puba allows you to access more than 45 subsites while 21Sextury has access to only 3. However, 21Sextury allows you to access the Adult Time platform and 60,000+ movies from there. In the end, it is a close call, and the only way to leave this situation a winner is to take both of these phenomenal discounts.

Puba Comments

Read what people think about Puba site and our discounted offer.

Posted by Stewerd


Damn this is a top tier website. Can't believe I didn't know about this one. gotta gate keep hhihihihi

Posted by Dasher


Great site! It has everything that Brazzers or Reality Kings have! On top of it all, it is cheaper!

Posted by Deacon


I honestly can't get enough of these movies!

Posted by Billy


There are movies on Puba that I have watched literally thousands of times and I still go back to rewatch them! That is how powerful this site is!

Posted by take


This is such a powerful porn site! The chance of getting it for under $10 is amazing! Thank you for this discount!

Posted by MisterBro


Honestly, watching porn on Puba for holidays is my favorite thing to do! This site just never goes out of style!

Posted by Krito


I can't remember the moment when Puba wasn't $5.00! Amazing site with so many top-tier pornstars and it is this cheap! Simply incredible!

Posted by Jorac


Watching Puba on my mobile phone when there are people around me is the new favorite thing that I do!

Posted by Iwis


I got it yesterday and I can't stop watching! It is good that it has over 3000 scenes! That will take a while to finish!

Posted by Whopper


When it works, this deal is the best one! The site just has the hottest young and mature pornstars! PUBA ROCKS!

Posted by Stepbro


Is this yet another dull porn site? NO! It is super fun and the pornstars are amazing!

Posted by Roarp


It is funny that this site is called Puba and all of the girls mostly have shaved pussies! But the site is really awesome!

Posted by Shame


This site is a freaking parade of porn! Lesbian, straight, softcore, hardcore, threesomes, gangbangs, you name it! I love every second of it!

Posted by Ymer


The best spent $5.00 in my life!

Posted by Walder


I am still hypnotized by Nicole Aniston! I cannot even start to tell you the number of times I wanked off to this video of hers! It is just freaking incredible!

Posted by Xen


I have been obsessed with puba lately... It has some incredible porn movies and the pornstars are just the best! My recommendations to everyone!

Posted by Hronks


What people lack to understand is that PUBA is among the top 5 sites ever! It is so diverse! I love it!

Posted by Donny


What most people don't know about Puba is that it has some amazing lesbian scenes! Its straight content is fabulous but its lesbian porn is also top tier!

Posted by Hurl


Puba has so many sites created for the best pornstars! I think that this site cares about their stars even more than Cherry Pimps does! They are all exclusive and amazing here on PUBA!

Posted by Blot


I was waiting for this! Black Friday and only $5.00 for PUBA! This is why I love Porndeals!

Posted by thrush @ Samantha Saint


This is my favorite pornstar! She is so hot and incredible in every movie she has been in! Absolutely mindblowing!

Posted by MilkyWay


I got the Puba discount two days ago! It worked perfectly! I cannot stop watching the movies here! They are so hypnotizing!

Posted by Johnser


Nicole Aniston gets me every time! How can someone be so freaking gorgeous!!??

Posted by Brundor @ Skin Diamond VIP


I heard that Skin Diamond was retired and I got so sad! I want her to come back to shooting porn because she is the best ebony babe ever! That is why I enjoy watching her movies on Puba!

Posted by yellow_taxi


Lovely site! So much porn to watch!

Posted by Deek


If it weren't for Porndeals, I would have never heard about Puba or gotten the idea to purchase it! I took it when it was on the special discount and I have been a member for 6 months now! Best site out there for pure sexual fun!

Posted by Vindo


I love the fact that Puba pays so much attention to its pornstars! There are so many pages dedicated to individual girls. I find that to be really great!

Posted by BobbaFett


Best deal on the site! Almost 50 sites for only 5 bucks! I am in!

Posted by Vrooder


This site worked for me and it is a very generous discount! I mean, 5 bucks for so many videos?! That is a freaking fairytale!

Posted by Annie


Lovely deal! Puba is so underrated and it has the biggest porn stars in the world like Nicole Aniston! Her videos on this site are just incredible and I can watch them every single day!

Posted by word


Other than some sites that you can get on Porndeals for free, I think this is the cheapest discount that you can get. And Puba is a fantastic site!

Posted by Fred


This site is seriously underrated! It is awesome!

Posted by lookthere


I would give my house for one night with Nikita Von James! She is so perfect!

Posted by TrumpSell


I love this site because it has so many different places to go. They update always so I always watch new movies! Puba is awesome!

Posted by ian


The deal is extra cheap and it works! The best!

Posted by victor


There is no hype at all about this site and it has the world's best pornstars. I don't get it, but I can say that I enjoy this site all year. It is a great deal!

Posted by lelemood @ Asa Akira


This Asian viper is venomous! I love Asa Akira, especially her anal sex scenes! Thanks for this deal!

Posted by Luke


Wow, had no idea Puba had so many subsites! I took this deal in a heartbeat! Awesome discount!

Posted by Sadam


4 bucks a month for a whole year? This is very good deal!

Posted by Gerald


Super cheap!

Posted by asa


The best is the live shows! There are not as many videos as on sites like Brazzers or Reality Kings but there's content that you can't get anywhere else. Worth every buck!

Posted by shawn


It's a pretty good site, especially if you look at the price. If you're into live shows you should check it out :)

Posted by Joshuah @ Abigail Mac


Wheeew!!! Love this shit for life!!!!

Posted by Jay Allen


I love your site!

Posted by Manuel


Great site, great porn! Thanks Porndeals!

Posted by Jimm


I love Puba cos you get so much. Mostly I like 1 girl, 1 camera, but of course I love watching all the pornstars!! I have to say Nicole Aniston is the best. I loved her in Naughty America movies and I can't get away from her haha. And $5 is fucking cheap for this!!

Posted by LuLu


Jayden Jaymes you are the best!!! I fuc*ing love your big tits and round ass! You are perfect women for me!!!! Would you marry me please??

Posted by Eric


There's a reason, they're called porn-stars ;) Too bad I already have yearly subscription hehe

Posted by NiceGuy


Britney Amber I love youuu!

Posted by Brian


Gotta love this site, hot porn stars, and high quality videos!

Posted by Jim


WOW. This is an amazing offer for so much content on porn stars. Thanks Porndeals :)

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