Is Girlsway Trial Truly Worth It?

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Glenn Wood

Girlsway has been the leader of the lesbian revolution in porn. It is one of the best porn sites with girls who love other girls. Since the year 2014, lesbian porn has been on the rise with many porn sites that explore this popular niche and genre of porn. Girlsway is an award-winning porn site that deals with girl-on-girl porn, group sex scenes with dildos and toys, and solo performances of amazing chicks. These girls are here to make your day better by giving you content that you have never seen before. Girlsway is one of the studios of the Adult Time platform which comes with 50,000+ videos and parodies. In the cooperation with Girlsway, they have made one exquisite parody called “Cougar Queen: Tiger King Parody” which consists of three episodes about the beginnings and toils of the lesbian porn. You can read about Tiger King Parody on our blog and watch it on this amazing porn site.

No premium porn site will ever give you anything for free, and this is the case with Girlsway. All of their lesbian movies and the films on Adult Time are available only to the premium paying users and members of these sites. As a free user, you can only watch the pretty sexy pictures and wonder about the content they are hiding. On the other hand, you don’t need to pay the full price of the membership on Girlsway. This lesbian porn site offers a trial membership option which can give you access for 3 days and only $1.00. It is a one of a kind offer and if you wish to buy a Girlsway trial stay on this page for a little while.


How To Become A Girlsway Trial Member?

You know that most of the premium porn sites offer monthly and yearly access. Becoming a trial member on Girlsway is no different from becoming a full member when it comes to the steps that need to be taken. The only difference is that you will get 3 days access for $1.00 and no download option. This means that you get unlimited streaming but you cannot download any movies to go. If you wish to become a Girlsway trial member, follow these simple rules, and read every information on the pages you are about to see.

Step 1 - Visit Official Site Of Girlsway

The first and logical step is to visit the official website of GIrlsway. On this page, you will find all the brand new updates that have been made on the Girlsway site. Right now, Cougar Queen takes the spot. Don’t get dazzled by it because you can spend a lot of time roaming around this page alone. Focus on the red button at the top right corner that says “Become A Member” and click on it. This will take you to the next step.

Step 2 - Create An Account & Choose Membership Plan

On the next page, you will need to create your account by entering your email address and password. Make sure to use the valid email address and try not to forget it because, if you do, it can get really difficult and troublesome to renew your account or to deactivate it. The best thing to do is to write your email address down somewhere just in case. Girlsway will send you updates, promotions, and newsletters on your email and let you know what new is cooking.

Also, on this page, you need to choose the plan of payment. You will have three options: the first one is 3 Days Trial access for $1.00; the second one is 30 Days Plan, and the third one is a membership for 365 days which is the only one that includes downloads. You need to choose the first one that says “3 Days Trial” and click on the “Proceed To Checkout” button which is on the card itself. This takes you to the next step.

Step 3 - Payment Information And Finalization

This is the payment page and here you need to enter valid information about yourself and your credit card if that is your preferred method of payment. You will need to input your first and last name, your country and zip code. Also, the information about your credit card should be valid for the transaction to take place successfully. Do not worry about the security of your information. Girlsway has a strict policy where they are not allowed to share or use your information and also your payment will not be shown on your credit card bill.

Another thing to do on this page is to take caution. Many premium porn sites such as 21Sextury offer extra sales. These so-called cross-sales are located on this page and they are usually pre-checked. They allow you to access another porn site for a lot less money and it seems like a great opportunity. But, you should know that these extra sales rebill at the full price after some time. So, if you want to avoid unnecessary payments, make sure to uncheck all cross-sales and click on the button “Click Here To Purchase ->”.

Step 4 - Enjoy Your Girlsway Trial

Congratulations! You are now officially a trial member of the Girlsway porn site. This trial access allows you to freely explore and watch countless videos on Girlsway and Adult Time. This means that more than a huge number of porn videos are available to you in 3 days. But, what you should know is that not everything is so transparent. When the 3 days are over, you will automatically get billed at the full monthly price on Girlsway. To be honest, you are warned about it on the payment page so make sure to read everything when you buy the Girlsway trial. You can avoid additional charges if you visit their support page and cancel your membership.

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Is Girlsway Trial Worth It?

We can cut to the chase and just say that it is definitely worth it! Girlsway trial access is worth your time, money, and effort! For just $1.00, you will get access to the whole Girlsway porn site and the episodes on the Adult Time platform. This means that 50,000+ videos become available to you during this period. On the other hand, you can expect some additional charges once this trial expires. When it is done, you get billed at the full price and we will talk about it in a bit. If you have some questions or you want to learn more about this site, read our full Girlsway review.

What Happens After Girlsway Trial Ends?

When the trial membership on Girlsway ends, you will get billed automatically for the full price of $19.95. This is the way that most of the premium porn sites do business and it is no surprise. There is a way to avoid this and it is very simple. All you need to do is to cancel your membership. This is done by visiting the support page of the Girlsway website, clicking on the card that says “Cancel membership”, and following all the steps needed. You can cancel your membership in a couple of minutes and save yourself a lot of money. Our recommendation is to use this money to get full access to Girlsway.

How To Verify If Your Cancellation Has Been Successful?

If you decide to cancel your membership at Girlsway and not continue with the full trial access, you need to get a confirmation that your subscription has been canceled. This is done by sending a confirmation email to your email address that you used upon the sign-up. If you cannot find that email, maybe it is lodged in the spam folder so you will find it there. If you don’t get that email and cannot find it, make sure to call the Girlsway support via their toll-free calls and check if your membership has been successfully canceled.