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If girls tape their sex with their boyfriends and then make them mad in some way, the boyfriends post those videos and they all end up on GF Revenge. This site features teen amateur porn in all of its glory. On this site, you can watch sexy schoolgirls, ex-girlfriends, and cute teens in amateur sexual scenarios. GF Revenge is one of the sites where this reality niche is explored in the POV style and you can watch these kinds of videos. Their newer videos come in 4K Ultra HD quality and you can enjoy teen amateur porn in the best way possible.

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About GF leaks Deal

Find our more what GF leaks discount has to offer and learn more about the videos, pornstars, and features that are included in this GF leaks deal!

What is included in this GF leaks discount?

So GF Revenge basically functions as a hub for people that like pornography without all the lights, cameras and scripts. Its main selling point is the fact that all of the material is amateur in nature and since its inception back in March of 2010, the site has become famous for a few of its scenes that have been uploaded to tube websites. Anyway, let’s step inside and take a look at what we get.

The site design is a little basic, but given the nature of the material, that’s not exactly problematic. I’d understand if people were concerned if a huge megasite that put emphasis on model desirability was the selling point, but I think most members of GF Revenge feel that the amateur feel of the site matches what they’d expect from the content that’s published.

You’re getting a good mix of scenes here that include group lesbian sex, hardcore one-on-one and a whole manner of middle-ground scenarios that will leave you more than satisfied. The girls are your classic barely-legal college babe and what’s more, all of the content is recorded in the style of POV or fly on the wall where the scenes keep the amateur element of the sex at the forefront of everything that happens. The tour actually has a few samples for you to check out, so I do suggest if you’re a little interested that you go and take a look.

In terms of statistics, we’re current looking at around 325 videos and photo sets that are available for the user to enjoy. Scenes can be streamed in a 920 x 516 pixel resolution Flash embed and the pictures come in zipped files with each one averaging around 50 pictures. The videos have a huge variance in length: some clock 10 minutes whereas others are an hour
in length. It really depends on the scene you pick, but I’d average the numbers at around 40 minutes in length for every video.


You can only enjoy the content on the site with its streaming embeds: there are no downloads available. I don’t know what happens if you connect with a device that doesn’t have Flash, but it just seems reasonable to me that they’d give you a low-quality download option just in case streaming isn’t an option.

We’d also like to see a few bonus sites come attached in future: it only makes sense that a small site would team up with a few others and offer a package deal.

The Bottom Line About This GF leaks Deal

GF Revenge has some hot content delivered in a less than convincing package. If you can handle a bad design and streaming all of your porn then I recommend taking a look, but if those things don’t appeal to you: perhaps consider your other options. has some really hot girls doing some really nasty things which, at the end of the day, is the only thing this site has going for it.

If you focus on the porn and nothing else, GF Revenge is worth trying out for a month or two with our discounted join rate.

Read our full GF leaks review and learn more about GF leaks pros and cons, membership options, content quality, pornstar selection and mobile experience.

Membership Area

GF leaks FAQ

Do you have questions about GF leaks discount? Read or FAQ below or contact us if you have any additional questions.

How do I pay for this membership?

GF Revenge deal is a premium porn site that allows you to pay for its membership in a couple of ways. The methods depend on the place where you are from. If you are purchasing this deal from the USA or if you are using VPN services, you can choose between a credit card payment and the checks

If you are purchasing this deal from anywhere else in the world, your only choice is the payment by credit card. This deal accepts every major credit card and all of your sensitive information is protected by its security policy.

Is GF Revenge a lifetime discount?

A lifetime discount is the special kind of discount that rebills at the given price every month or year until you decide to cancel the membership. This means that there is no need for you to renew your subscription every time because it will automatically be rebilled. Search for the blue badge on the deal that says “lifetime discount”.

We have a double pricing point for GF Revenge discount. The first one is the $9.99 a month payment and this is not a lifetime discount. If you take this monthly access, you will get rebilled at a higher price every month. Our second monthly pricing point is $14.99 and this is a lifetime discount. This membership will rebill at the discounted rate until you cancel your account. Also, if you choose the annual subscription on any pricing point, GF Revenge will give you a lifetime discount.

What kind of porn can I watch on GF Revenge deal?

GF Revenge deal is a premium porn site that explores teen sex and amateur porn genre. You will be able to enjoy numerous movies with hot nubiles, schoolgirls, angry girlfriends, and amateur babes who just wanted to get back at their cheating boyfriends. Some of the content on this site is homemade. However, the majority comes with strong production values and it includes some of the best teen pornstars around. 

This site offers access to 15 additional subsites that further explore these genres and expand them as well. The videos on GF Revenge come in 4K Ultra HD quality and you are guaranteed to have an excellent porn experience on this premium porn site. To learn all about this site, read our GF Revenge review.

Is GF Revenge the best revenge porn site?

Surely, one of the best genres that are explored on this site is the revenge genre. Hot girls who are feeling heartbroken and played by their boyfriends are willing to do anything to make them pay. So, they make their own sex tapes with other guys to make their cheating boyfriends jealous. 

This site has a lot of porn videos that feature the revenge porn genre but this is not the best revenge porn site. The 1st place on our top revenge porn sites list is taken by Mofos, a place where tons of girls are getting back at their cheating boys. However, you will spend a lot of time with some excellent movies on GF Revenge.

Are downloads included in this deal?

When you become a member of GF Revenge, you automatically get the unlimited streaming option. This means that you can watch porn videos on this site as much as you want. However, the downloads cost extra and you need to pay a monthly fee to be able to get them on your computer or mobile device. If you become a yearly member of the GF Revenge porn site, downloads automatically become available. That is why yearly membership is our absolute recommendation.


Is there a yearly GF Revenge discount?

GF Revenge discount offers monthly and yearly access to its members. If you want to become a yearly member on this site, you can do that. It is done by paying from $7.99 a month and saving up to 74% of your money. 

When you take the annual subscription, your account will be automatically rebilled every year at the same discounted price which makes this deal a lifetime discount. Also, downloads are available for all yearly members.

Can I get the GF Revenge trial?

For its newest members, GF Revenge offers a trial period that is 2 days long and it is $1.00 per day. During this time, you will have limited access to this network. This means that you will be able to stream an unlimited number of videos, but you won’t be able to download them. When the trial period on GF Revenge ends, it gets rebilled at the full monthly rate until you cancel your subscription.

How many sites does this network include?

The GF Revenge network includes 15 additional sites that become available the moment you become its member. You don’t need to pay any additional fees to access these sites and the porn on them is available to you right away. 

This makes the database of porn that you can watch with this deal a lot bigger and a lot more diverse. Some of the subsites that GF Revenge has are MILF Hunter, Crazy Asian GFs, and Teens Love Huge Cocks. These sites explore not only teen and amateur porn, but also interracial, hardcore, and MILF porn.

Are videos on GF Revenge in Ultra HD 4K?

GF Revenge is a fairly fresh and young porn site and its database of porn numbers over 1,000 porn videos. The newest updates that happen on this site and its subsites are in 4K Ultra HD quality. It means that the number of 4K videos is steadily increasing. In the future, they will become more numerous and popular than the Full HD videos on this network.

Can the movies be watched on my mobile device?

The GF Revenge mobile experience is just as hot and as smooth as their desktop version. You can log in and check out the videos page, the hot model bios and stats plus pictures, and more. The best thing about having a mobile friendly interface is that you can take all your playlists and favorites on the go wherever you are. You can access GF Revenge on any smartphone, tablet, or iPad that you have.

How can I cancel my membership on GF Revenge?

GF Revenge is a premium porn site and this means that you can cancel your membership on this site whenever you deem necessary. You can cancel it by accessing the support page of the website and finding the billing support. You need to find your billing service and cancel your membership. When you get the confirmation email saying that you are no longer a member of GF Revenge, they will stop taking money from your bank account.

Is VideoBox better than GF Revenge?

When speaking of the revenge porn genre, there is a big number of porn sites that deal with this niche. One of the porn sites which are the most similar to GF Revenge is VideoBox. On our list of the best revenge porn sites, VideoBox finds itself on a high and respected 7th place. GF Revenge is on the list just as a subsite of the Reality Kings Network.

The reason why VideoBox has won this revenge battle is the sheer volume of the porn videos on it. It exceeds the one on GF Revenge by a lot. On VideoBox, you will be able to enjoy 10,000+ revenge, teen, MILF, hardcore, and many other porn videos. It is also packed with 4K content which is enough for you to decide. GF Revenge is an excellent deal but VideoBox takes the cake when it comes to the revenge porn genre.

GF leaks Comments

Read what people think about GF leaks site and our discounted offer.

Posted by Randy


Even without a special discount, this site is great! I love spending money on these discounts because it doesn't feel like spending!

Posted by Dunedain


It just amazes me how many hot and horny girls there are in this world and I am still single...

Posted by Lossor


Wow, this discount is finally working! I love it and I got it right away!

Posted by Nitto


I was hoping for a generous discount this Valentine's Day but, hey, less than 15 bucks is not a bad price for such a great porn site...

Posted by Lyle


I don't care about having a real girlfriend as long as I can watch porn like this! This is gorgeous!

Posted by Seguiro


Wait... GF Revenge or GF Leaks? It changed the name? Still, I don't see a Black Friday Porn Discount for it. A shame...

Posted by 02crew


Hot porn with ex GFs and amazing girls is what this site is all about! I watch it every single day!

Posted by Onero


Ex-girlfriends?! Oh, GIMME!!!

Posted by Retto


Nice one! Thank you!

Posted by Podder


Finally! I found it! I was looking for a great discount for GF Revenge and I got it here! Thank you very much!

Posted by Podder


Finally, I found it! I was looking for a great discount for BFFs and I got it here! Thank you so much!

Posted by Timbo


Ummm, this takes me to Reality Kings... I mean, that is OK, as long as I get to watch GF Revenge!

Posted by Siccario


Drunk hot girls?! Hell yes! They are about to do something crazy and you know it!

Posted by Monte


This site has some really awful choices but the girls are always hot! I watch these movies only for the hot teens and spicy girls!

Posted by Thorp


Slutty young party college girls are what I am here for! Please tell me that I will not get disappointed!

Posted by Hourly


Lovely porn site with so many young crazy girls! This is the kind of porn that I love!

Posted by FredtheMan


This site is so true! If you bitch to your girl, she will revenge on your ass! It is so easy for them to find a new lover! No remorse, no hesitation! Barbara, fuck you!

Posted by HenryII


There are so many hot girls on this planet! Most of them are on GF Revenge and they are so wild and horny!

Posted by Sider


Revenge is best served on GF Revenge!

Posted by Desmond


I am really a porn geek and I watch a lot of porn! I can say that the girls are always the wildest and most out of order on this site! Of course, it is phenomenal!

Posted by Zachary


The GF Revenge discount works! Thank you!

Posted by Dostan


This Mike is a really lucky dude!

Posted by Tom2222


I am kinda sad that this site isn't around anymore! Don't get me wrong, I can watch all of the movies on RK but that doesn't do the trick for me! I loved the design and the feeling of GF Revenge and that will never change!

Posted by Dommy


The Latinas on 8th Street Latinas are incredible! Each porn movie with them is filled with passion and hardcore action! They are simply incredible!

Posted by Dommy


The Latinas on 8th Street Latinas are incredible! Each porn movie with them is filled with passion and hardcore action! They are simply incredible!

Posted by Jordi


I love it! The girls are hot as hell!

Posted by Jade


This is all I want from life! VIP lounges, alcohol, and sex with the hottest babes! Is that too much to ask for?!

Posted by Miran


Hottest teens and revengeful girls for less than 15 bucks?! Where do I sign?!

Posted by Leal


Everyone knows that teens and GFs go crazy when they are together and drunk! That is why I had great expectations for this site and it didn't disappoint!

Posted by Robie


This site works and the discount works! Thank you guys! Awesome deal!

Posted by dormphantom


College chicks are the wildest beings on this planet! What they do when they are drunk is not even near to crazy! That is why I love this site! The discount is fantastic!

Posted by yashuah


Man, I find it sooo satisfying to jack off to this site! These girls are naughty and evil as shit!

Posted by raptorteam


I had mixed feelings about this site because I didn't think it had what it takes. I was wrong because I thought this discount didn't work. Well, the discount works and GF Revenge is a hell of a site! So, sometimes, don't listen to your fucking guts!

Posted by donald


Girls can really be bitches sometimes! I love watching them exacting their revenge! Love this site!

Posted by 43yui86


Amateur girls were always so much hotter to me than the pros! That is why I love this site! And the discount works, to speak the truth!

Posted by raunchy_girl_lover


This is the best! Love the deal!

Posted by Neon


Wow, the girls can really be mean! I like it! Keep it coming!

Posted by klive


A lifetime on GF Revenge?! yes, please!! :D Thanx for the deal guys!

Posted by :))


I like this concept very much. And I like it even more that this is lifetime discount :))

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